Dear Community,below you find the Community Calendar for October The color code for the events is the following: After the community. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. specialization It may not be step by step but its very well thought out.

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Yes, can be done with a lot less gold. If your current kingdom is doing well more members are joining in, borders are expanding and the amount of treasures in the kingdom is growing and you also like the people you are playing with you gida consider settling near your first village.

Next thing you want to consider is what kind of playstyle you want to pursue.

Thanks for the feedback though! Follow the order of the tasks until you have done level 2 resource tiles. Additionally we will need to start training Phalanx as well.

Once you have completed the Trapper build all the traps it can build, build the Stable and research the Pathfinder in your academy then build 5 of those for the quest. I think you are right. Travian Tournament – progress video day 4 Travian Machine Year ago.

Beginner’s Guide – First week as Gaul – Guides – Travian Kingdoms Forum

It is something that is planned but at a later stage when more of these guides are written by players such as yourself.

To leave or to stay; this choice is the most important factor on where you should settle. gyida

In totale ci sono 12 utenti connessi:: Trying to defend your second village without sufficient troops and defense buildings can be a bad idea, unless you have allies that can help you defend. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable Traviam. Lastly you will want to consider distance from your starting village.


Make sure that there is a good communication between you guys and that you both have the same understanding of “efficiency”. Send your lists frequently with a low amount of troops. I mostly need help with village-developing, since I’m a really good attacker.

The second phase begins right after you complete your last lvl 5 field. Cloni e retrosever non ufficiali di Travian Questo forum contiene link a server cloni di Travian detti comunemente “Server privati”.

A 15 cropper village. Discutiamo su le varie strategie da mettere in atto per vincere il server o combattere il vicino di turno. This guide is based on my experiences of the game and is aimed at beginner level players but feel free to read and comment on it even if you have more experience with the game. That being said — If your budget is little to no gold then you should go for a 9 cropper capital.

Your browser has JavaScript disabled.

Travian: Legends Forum

Your browser has JavaScript disabled. Following the trend he is also the fastest Heavy cavalry unit in the game though noticeably slower than the TT. The next tgavian is to go for a level 10 residence and train 3 settlers. Follow this guide step by step and you will be able to send out your settlers on day 7, or day 8 tops. I would say you need around gold to upgrade this to a decent level in decent span of time. Buida il Truppen Tool Forum dedicato all’installazione del truppen tool su un proprio dominio.

After only 4 days, many players already got their 2nd village which is impossible without the extra cp boost. Il Sito Cresce e la community Aumenta!! In all of the scenarios below the goal during the first three days remains the same: You also might want to ask someone in your Kingdom to be a sitter for you to watch your account during the nights; in turn you can sit for them. Once you are properly established and familiar with the game, Gaul versatility will grant you travvian tools to pursue a variety of playstyles.


Cheap CP is what we are looking for in the beginning of the server. Episode 3 of many in this play-through of the 3x Fire and Sand Travian server on the international domain FB: Let me know if you tried this and how it went for you. Swordsman – The offensive counterpart of the Phalanx, the Yuida specializes in attacking.

Sia per quelli di solo MarkUp di stile che per quelli di programmazione vera e propria. For the purposes of this guide we will be selecting Gauls but feel free to follow along if you pick Romans or Teutons, the information in parts 2 and 3 especially will be largely universal travin all tribes. At early crop land levels I like to have big enough storage to build vuida crop lands per NPC. That last gyida also works if you are NPC’en for 2 wheatfields at once.

Beginner’s Guide – First week as Gaul

At later levels when the build time is slower than gathering the needed resources I build 2 Crop fields per NPC and instabuild them. Once you settle your third village, start to build more scouts trabian well as Phalanx in your second village.

Lvl17 Crop lands done by Day70 Maybe need less, maybe more, but that’s what I spend when upgrading the cropper I usually get lvl18s by day70 This will leave you some gold to upgrade other villages, too.