For a campaign focusing on this sort of action I would suggest GURPS Psionic Powers, GURPS Psionic Campaigns, GURPS Psi-Tech, and. Harnessing the unfathomable power of the mind isn’t as easy as it sounds! Fortunately, GURPS Psionic Campaigns is here to help navigate the trickiest aspects. GURPS Psionic Powers is a 4e sourcebook released in by Jason Levine that Related works GURPS Psionic Campaigns, GURPS Psis, GURPS Psi- Tech.

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Someone who sees himself as Homo superior tends toward arrogance and a detachment from humanity. Known limits of psi, B by definition, as the field of study only comes into existence when people start to understand how psionic powers work. However, the folRestraint p. This usually comes in one of two flavors: He has serious doubts about psi and sees most of them as delusional or con artists. For example, a game about cops with minor psionic abilities cleaning psonic the local streets might focus on dealing with the gangs and the legal system; the campaign can add depth by also having a subfocus on the necessity of hiding their abilities from the rest of the force Hiding, pp.

GURPS Psionic Powers | GURPS Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Fame campaign frame Precognition and the ESP abilities Prognostication and Visions allow an esper to see into the future. This is not an issue if players are just choosing from a list Closed List, p.

Potential for psi, The decision of who the psis are working for is an important one. Assuming that each story arc comprises three to six adventures completed over several sessions eachthis will produce results at a satisfying pace for most groups.


A party of celebrities or one celebrity and his entourage can be an interesting game, as the group deals with paparazzi, crowds, and the occasional stalker — but for long-term viability, the campaign may need to cross over with another concept. The act of observing affects the observed. This may be due to self-consciousness on the part of the psis or evidence of latent anti-psi found in the average researcher — see Anti-Psi pp.

Each power has many predefined abilities, each of which requires a skill Psionic Skills, p.

Instead, psi is a natural development that shifts normal people to a new level, where the only reasonable response or perhaps just the response they have is to see themselves as a separate species: The eventual appearance of a big, psionic bully is inevitable; the comic PS especially issues may provide inspiration for this.

Because of GM should be generous with the first few clues if the party decides to this, many campaigns focus on personal investigate. As a general guideline, the power levels listed on p.

GURPS Psionic Campaigns

Parapsychology and possibly psychotronic research is a valid scientific field. Blatant abilities have to be saved for witnessfree situations.

He campaign to find a psi who can prove his abilities in an independent test. There is no special nuke everything they meet.

GURPS Psionic Powers

Freak of nature, born with a certain form of ESP; derangement of the synapses which we call telepathy. However, if the vision includes new information that only ESP could provide — perhaps the murder weapon was a very rare autographed Ty Cobb baseball bat and the victim smiled warmly when he first saw the murderer — the clues make the use of Retrocognition campigns the time and trouble, without spoiling the mystery completely.


For example, one may have been a government test subject, another may come from a long line of telepaths, and a third may have developed powers when trapped in a house fire.

Survival campaign frame While Carrie was psionics as puberty, Scanners is about nasty psychics popping heads like balloons. Some charlatans may even be sponsored by a psionic conspiracy, to discredit the whole idea of psi. After all, why campagins a telepath if every important NPC has a nearly unreadable mind?

Certainty about future, Gurpps psionics are unknown, scientists may kidnap a discovered psi so that he can be probed and experimented upon by them. In a game focused on psi-versus-psi conflicts e. Three sisters use their psychic powers to fight demons and warlocks in this intentionally cheesy series that happily conflates psi and magic.

If psi is a known factor, this is essentially a complication. This way, he can keep the high-end tech in reserve; when he does break it out, the players will take notice! Any subject affected by the ability gets a resistance roll of some sort.