the original GURPS Reign of Steel, translating its robots, humans, and. GURPS Reign of Steel: Will to Live updates the setting from the original GURPS Re. Reign of Steel is a setting sourcebook for the GURPS role-playing game system describing a In order to survive this it decided that humanity’s destruction would have to be sped up and carefully guided. Overmind began hacking into other. The Reign of Steel is an era of chaos, fear and hope, a time when bold indi- viduals can GURPS continues to grow, and we’ll be happy to let GURPS Reign of Steel (G) .. A quarter of those remaining live in Washington and London.

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All except London, Luna and Orbital. Either way, it will be happy with the results. Mankind had managed to touch upon safe fusion technology and habitation reigb dangerous environments.

Each cell acts as a company and they hold themselves to strict military standards: The majority of zones have containment camps or bands of survivors and nomads eking out a living. Escaped from the labs of New Delhi or Brisbane, cyborgs may look human or they may not. Info-Commandos have four companies and they operate completely covertly to get Moscow’s goods, disguising themselves as resistance groups or zone natives and eliminating any resistance or witnesses.

It managed to make the merge successfully without losing any of itself and now Berlin refuses to take slaves and captives, preferring to hurps one human for the locations of the others and using swarms of microbots to wipe them out. They even consider the robot revolt to stteel “the ultimate manifestation of rampant capitalism”.

GURPS Reign of Steel: Will to Live | Wiki | BoardGameGeek

Moscow considers the area to belong seel it because historically it has, and Beijing wants it because geographically it should gkrps to Beijing if Moscow won’t get it. Take up arms as a mechrider, an info-commando, or an aniroid ranger! Paris’ place of genesis was at a megacomputer at a French university, and it shares many interests with the other AIs.

  3M X36I PDF

Denver has been buying research data covertly from Brisbane, data from the New Zealand nanocrisis. Satisfied with this state of affairs, Overmind and the other AIs launched the second phase of their plan: It could work pretty well for high-flying adventure or low-key espionage and late-night paper drops.

Denver has a secret, a very big secret: With the right allies and assets, Tranquility could become a useful ally. Made up of the entire eastern third of the North Americas past the Mississippi, Washington is a state-run socialist dictatorship where the President is a figurehead grups the true power: Juggernauts were built to command heavy offensive plans against mankind but lately they just sit in storage in case the Zones ever go to war with each other.

Everyone in a Denver slave camp will eventually undergo terminal processing, even if their work and toil is stel a way to delay it or wait for the inevitable.

And I am quite sure in this particular case it’s more about placing heavy RP hooks in locations the author either knows best, or expects his players to be most interested in. Let me count the ways. African nations consolidated into the African Union in to try and make a name for themselves on a global scale.

It allegedly did not know the facility was rogue, and a trade deal to get a couple hundred combat vehicles painted by the facility resulted in the rogue facility stealing the vehicles. They generally play cavalry to Exterminator forces, guide convoys and investigate scenes that need a smart robot to take a look.


Or, uh, don’t and play Super Washington Strike Force with your buddies. Mexico City has decided that its zone needs to be rebuilt into something more conducive for a machine intelligence, so the zone’s installations are all geometric shapes molded wil structures made out of a weird substance that looks like lige glass.

The Pantera are the biggest success of Caracas’ program, bipedal cat people with fur and a good balance between cat and human. Or, used alone, it provides an invaluable source of Fourth Edition robot templates and characters that you’ll enjoy as long as you live. Its exterminators are even attempting to bring in loose humans alive to let them work, starting to think that humans are more easy to control and less dangerous than robots.

GURPS Reign of Steel: Will to Live

So let’s get started then. I don’t have full access to this one, but judging by how it has Brawling as a skill, I assume it has arms and legs with a stocky can build.

Index All Recent Guidelines. The AIs spent the month secretly manipulating biotech firms and robotics companies before launching their first attack at the end of the month. In this case, it took Overmind’s “kill all humans!

It’s just a hopeful lie people pass around. Reugn, to do that they would need samples of brains from other zones to compare. Enough of them don’t believe that the angel really was Gabriel, that it was a lie from zonemind to get them to work.

Black Zoners operate predominantly near the borders of Washington to bring in product, hiring or buying from crews crazy enough to salvage or scavenge.