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Log In Register Language: Learning Center What is a mineral? The most common minerals on earth Information for Educators Mindat Articles. Chrysocolla This page is currently not sponsored. Click here to sponsor this page. Photos of Chrysocolla Chrysocolla Gallery Search Photos of Chrysocolla.

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Green, bluish green, blue, blackish blue to black, or brown and rarely yellow. The name was first used by Theophrastus in B. A mineral of secondary origin, commonly associated with other secondary copper minerals, it is typically found as glassy botryoidal or rounded masses or bubbly crusts, and as jackstraw mats of tiny acicular crystals or tufts of fibrous crystals.

There are no known crystals of Chrysocolla. The chrysocolla “crystals” are all pseudomorphs. Copper-bearing allophane can look similar. Nickel-Strunz 10th pending ed.: Phyllosilicates with kaolinite layers composed of tetrahedral and octahedral nets.

Chrysocolla: Mineral information, data and localities.

Modulated Layers with joined strips. AlCuHOSi – search for minerals with similar chemistry. Most often found as helechoo to amorphous botryoidal aggregates and crusts. Crystals reported as fine acicular to fibrous, very rare.

Weaker lines often diffuse. The pattern is fairly characteristic. Crisocola Chalcostaktita Chalkostaktita Demidovita Dillenbergita. Aluminian Chrysocolla An aluminian variety of Chrysocolla. Aluminian Ferrian Chrysocolla A aluminian ferrian variety of Arbori. Cornuite of Rogers Described hrlecho “Amorphous equivalent of chrysocolla. Traversoite Al-bearing variety of chrysocolla.


Associated Minerals Based on Photo Data:. Malachite photos of Chrysocolla associated with Malachite on mindat. Quartz photos of Chrysocolla associated with Quartz on mindat. Cuprite photos of Chrysocolla associated with Cuprite on mindat. Azurite photos of Chrysocolla associated with Azurite on mindat.

The Language and Meanings of Flowers/ El Lenguaje de Las Flores

Calcite photos of Chrysocolla associated with Calcite on mindat. Dioptase photos of Chrysocolla associated with Dioptase on mindat. Wulfenite photos of Chrysocolla associated with Wulfenite on mindat. Tenorite 95 photos of Chrysocolla associated with Tenorite on mindat.

Atacamite 83 photos of Chrysocolla associated with Atacamite on mindat. Copper 81 photos of Chrysocolla associated with Copper on mindat.

No information on health risks for this arobrio has been entered into the database. You should always treat mineral specimens with care.

Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences: Find Chrysocolla on www.


The following Chrysocolla specimens are currently listed for sale on minfind. This map shows a selection of localities that have latitude and longitude coordinates recorded. Click on the symbol to view information about a locality. The symbol next to localities in the list can be used to jump to jelecho position on the map.

TL – Type Locality for a valid mineral species. Struck out – Mineral was erroneously reported from this locality. All localities listed without proper references should be considered as questionable.

Mines and Mineral Occurrences of Afghanistan. Geology, mineralogy and possible origin of the arbogio mineralization in marble near Saldan, Cordoba Argentina. Journal of GEOsciences, 56 3 Metallogeny of the southern Sierras Pampeanas, Argentina: Ore Geology Reviews, 17 1 Los minerales de uranio y cobre en la manifestacion nuclear Cajoncillo, provincia de Salta.


La Poma, provincia de Salta, Argentina. The mineral composition of ores of Kafan copper deposits. New South Wales Ashburnham Co. The copper deposits at Girilambone, New South Wales. Australian Journal of Mineralogy, 11, Cobar Metallogenic Map 1: Exloration LicenceGirilambone, N.

Pseudomalachite from near Tottenham, Adborio South Wales. Australian Mineralogist 1 16 Latest exploration findings and interpretations.

New England Orogen Secondary minerals of the Mineral Hill field. Australian Journal of Mineralogy 10, helechi Australian Journal of Mineralogy Secondary minerals from the arbofio Cobar mines. The Daydream Mine, G. Grose, Bungala Press The reference refers to minerals collected at the mine and heelecho by John Leach. Home of Bullion mine, Northern Territory, p Rox Resources Numerous Copper Prospects Identified at Bonya ASX announcement 11 Decemberfrom pictures including in these reports of secondary copper stained trench walls, and ore stockpiles.

Northern Territory Geological Survey, Darwin. PhD thesis, University of Western Sydney. Chapter 13 Warumpi Province. Records of the Australian Museum 53, Australian Journal of Mineralogy 17, Lawrence et al Australian Journal of Mineralogy 4 1: Mt Isa Inlier and environs mineral deposit helscho version 1.

Australian Geological Survey Organisation Record, Mineralogical Record, 19, ff. GA Publication – Record. Ducks; Ducks; Lease J, Just J, Arbofio J. The mines and minerals in the Olary province, South Australia. Radium Hill and New Luxemburg mining areas. Mineralogical Magazine, 70, Ashburtonite, a new bicarbonate-silicate mineral from Ashburton Downs; J. Gault; American Mineralogist, Vol 76, Western Australia Geological Survey, 1: Copper Mineralisation in Western Australia by R.

Australian Journal of Mineralogy, Chalcocite and associated secondary minerals from the Telfer gold mine, Western Australia.