Explore releases and tracks from Henrikas Nagys at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Henrikas Nagys at the Discogs Marketplace. In this article, motifs, references and influences of Latvian descent in the poetry of Lithuanian Henrikas Nagys (–) who spent most of his creative life in. Translations from Henrikas Nag. LATERNA OBSCURA. You and I draw a child’s face on the first snow. Under the wild raspberry bushes sister is rocking her doll.

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In the valley of the ebbing rivers there is no birthplace: And in the sea sand — as in a grave — we slept under overturned boats with stray dogs and the crumbled galaxies of yellow amber. Nagys is one of the creators of the modern vocabulary of Lithuanian poetry.

God, save our souls. The hsnrikas clock chimes the hour of ruins. I am lonely and proud like my brother. Someone passes by us laughing.

Quietly crackling, the night burns in the hearth. His works testify to the artist’s inventiveness, to his impulsive and introvert creative personality that is capable of breathing human truth into inert matter. Yet, he does not preach, he does not philosophize, he advocates it only through the lips and lives of his heroes.

He is a confrere and active participant in the harsh and hopeless struggles and misfortunes of the soldiers; he sleeps with them in the trenches, he helps them carry and support their weary comrades through hrnrikas blizzard. The poetry of Nagys is individualistic, idealistic and ideological. Masterfully, before our very eyes, he delineates and depicts the pageantry of existence, and the result in its scope, dimension and validity equals the work of the world’s best naturalistic writers.


Sculptor Vytautas Kasuba – Henrikas Nagys

During the formative period ofone finds in Nagys’ poetry almost all developments of the modern Lithuanian poetry. We went in, into the town of our birth, having carried it long in our hearts.

During the periodwith a year’s leave in Freiburg, he continued his studies at the Innsbruck University of Austria, majoring in German literature and history of art; here he received a doctorate for a study of the poetry of Georg Traki. Hejrikas rich vocabulary, his psychological insight and penetration, his dynamic style reach classic finish and perfection in this work.

Our wooden shoes echo on dark street corners like dry coughs. Yellow and round, like a copper plate.

Come in, you tramps! Imre, was it you yenrikas wrote in blood — what pathos! In the land of blue snow there is no land.

Henrikas Nagys |

A youthful dynamism and pathos characterizes this work. Shadows wander from gray suburbs through the marijuana smoke of hnerikas cafe like puppets. His poetry is youthful and committed. Brass jazz trumpets tear at palm tree branches and crack the stone of skyscrapers.

He attempts to change the world, to address man; he connects poetry intimately with ideological decisions.

His works integrate all the elements characteristic of Lithuanian letters — from Donelaitis to contemporary authors. When you are weeping I weep with you. The people he so loved were set against the natural background of their native countryside.

He is and wants to be one of them. They testify, too, to their creator’s rigorous discipline, to his fanatical obstinacy to conquer the static inertia of matter, and by the same token to his masterly ability to employ to that end every available tech-dualism —of intuitive insight and lety and dramatic force, of monumental ideas and meticulous realization — have given him one of the most prominent places among the younger generation of Lithuanian sculptors.

In those short stories he first recreated with his suggestive style. Its features are suggestiveness, power, clarity of symbols, and its universal meaning. Warm lakes of moon milk are steaming in your dream. Small dirty hands gather them and take them home. Watchmen held out flaming torches to see our faces. The eye of the burnt out sun smolders in the carnival flag.


The over — emphasized motions are frozen into a subtle and controlled surface vibration, permitting shadows to flow in rich half — tones over the sensitively modeled forms.

Being unsatisfied with erotic, patriotic, and religious themes, Nagys turned to the totality of human existence and extolled man’s freedom for self-determination and his indeterminateness. The very same people hehrikas appear repeatedly in his later novels and stories are simple, hard-working, drab, manipulated, and broken by a harsh and capricious fate.

In he began to study architecture, but soon switched to the study of Lithuanian and German at the University of Vytautas the Great in Kaunas. In the land of blue snow there are no trees: Efua, lakes of white moon milk ripple in your dream. Together with his drab comrades in misfortune, he stares into the eyes of death and laughs with them that mirthless, unrepeatable laugh of a doomed soldier, which shields and hides him from terror, fear and a stray bullet.

Henrikas Nagys. Vytauto Mačernio literatūrinis palikimas

Efua, your young heart is like the thumping of your bare and henrioas feet, the drums’ tom-tom and the rhythmical harvest song. My land shall live forever! In the old German town remember?