Hexagrama Error loading comments. Retry. views. 2 faves. 1 comment. Taken on March 27, All rights reserved · Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Consider your words carefully and use them to bring people together. Don’t go on alone. Beware of hesitation, lack of imagination, failure to use creative input. El hexagrama 27 es llamado 頤 (I), “Las Comisuras de la Boca”.

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At the outset, the man is envious of the prosperity of others. Spreading-out shining above indeed. The desire for this kind of inner experience and self- development arises from a psychic urge, a spiritual hunger — akin to the need of satisfying the hunger of the body — that is present in very different degrees in different persons. The great river or sea must not be crossed.

I Ching – Hexagrama 27 | Hexagrama 27 | Antonio Carlos Castejón | Flickr

For the way is greatly confused. The first line, dynamic, seems to be thus addressed: Although you are aware of the need to nourish and affect others, you lack sufficient strength to do so unaided. The good fortune attainable by such people consists in being able hexagrzma obey their superiors most willingly.


However, she shouldn’t engage in the most difficult undertakings. You have the power to shape your experience simply in the way you approach them. Thus the jun zi speaks with caution and drinks and eats with moderation. This line is a reminder to take responsibility for one’s own nourishment.

27 Jaws/Nourishing YI

Be more imaginative and receptive. The Superior Man is thoughtful in speech and frugal in his eating and drinking. The sixth line, dynamic, shows him from whom comes the nourishing.

If this continues, it will rob you of your independence and create an unhealthy state of mind. Your destiny unfolds from a seed within, although life will always meet you half way, with the events that will cultivate it. Returnwhich Wilhelm translates as: We shall enjoy great blessings. This inner re-grouping lets your real purpose shine.

If you want to experience life differently break out of your pattern of negativity and do a spring cleaning in your mind. June 28,Rev. For ten years it will not be possible to attack again. It is beneficial to cross great rivers. He nurtures all below him. This shows how brilliant will be the diffusion of the power from her superior position.


How you meet the world determines how it will respond to you. Going against nourishment is inauspicious even if there is rectitude.

What we think about all day colors the environment we meet. Envy is the dark underside of the rock of healthy ambition. Giving out light from above. This hexagram represents the care-giving function. For iFate’s additional contemporary re-writing of the original text, see our “Love I Ching” translation.

Contemplate what nourishes people and what you are nourishing. It furthers one to cross the great water.

Seeking the source of nourishment. Make sure you know what you are feeding, and determine your proper diet.

I Ching Hexagram #27:

With line four we pass into the upper trigram. Please select the chapter or hexagram below! You are nourished by what came before you.