Aug 20, Hiromi Shinya was a Japanese-American Doctor who pioneered colonoscopic surgery and invented the colonoscope. He was chief of the. Based on his 45 years of medical practice in the United States and Japan, Dr. Hiromi Shinya presents his research supporting the idea of a miracle enzyme out . After practicing as a gastroenterologist for decades, Dr. Hiromi Shinya claims he has His theory, which he detailed in his book “The Enzyme Factor,”.

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The diet emphasizes regular moderate exercise, sleeping six to eight hours nightly, meditation and taking time each day for personal enjoyment.

The Enzyme Factor by Hiromi Shinya

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. View all 11 comments. If you are healthy, and your mother was healthy, if you can afford the healthy lifestyle and nutrition, if you have a happy life, eat Japanese food and read this New Age book. However, when a position was offered to him in in another program to which he had applied, he accepted it.

The Enzyme Factor: Diet for the Future : Hiromi Shinya :

The death of his wife and illness of his children motivated him to find a way to see what was hap The Enzyme Factor When reading Dr. Fifteen percent or less of your daily meals should contain fish, poultry or factoe, with red meat eaten seldom, though preferably not at all.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I really love that messages.


The Enzyme Factor: Diet for the Future

Polypectomy has gone on to surpass “all other endoscopic therapeutic procedures in terms of numbers performed” and “impacts the lives of millions of shinta throughout the world. Shinya’s book “The Enzyme Factor” you will be awakened to an entire world of nutrition that you probably never knew anything about!

Bnyk pengetahuan yg didapat dr buku ini, dan tentu saja pengetahuan tsb sgat berbeda dgn factr kita selama ini. Fish is much better than meat. As a result, “many and probably most of the fundamental principles of the procedure [colonoscopy] were developed by Dr.

That was impressed at the most. According to Shinya, the foods forbidden on his diet require more energy — and more enzymes — to digest compared to whole plant foods.

Dan benar, aku menganggap itu sbg cara cuci perut alami which is absolutely wrong! The main thing I took from it is that disease isn’t caused by genetics, but by lifestyle habits that accumulate from every meal you eat, how you feel emotionally, and the activity you do every day. Shinya has authored many books, of which the most well-known, Living without Disease: Although the diet is likely to yield benefits, Shinya acknowledges that there is no scientific evidence proving his theory that certain foods deplete enzyme concentrations and harm your health.

Hiromi Shinya Diet

Reducing your intake of processed and fast foods, fat, refined grains and shnya sweeteners while significantly increasing your consumption of whole grains, fruits and vegetables may make it easier for you to manage conditions like diabetes, hypertension, high blood cholesterol and heart disease.


Shinya began developing colonoscopic techniques with an esophagoscope from Olympus Optical Co. Jan 09, LeeAnn rated it it was amazing.

Trivia About The Enzyme Factor. And I prefer to stay focused on my purpose on reading it and on the purpose of the book: Quotes from The Enzyme Factor. Books by Hiromi Shinya. I would recommend it as a tool of physical self knowledge and awareness, using our internal filters to validate the information and choosing to experiment it or not. He pointed out that contrary to all our preconceptions, many of the dieting methods are wrong, including: On January 8,he and Hiroshi Ichikawa sketched out the first plans for a snare attached to the end of a colonoscope that would allow for easy removal of polyps during colonoscopy Sivakp.

Go W Horrible, just horrible. InShinya became involved with colonoscopy as a senior resident at Beth Israel.

Following the internship, Shinya began his residency at Toho University Hospital, with the hope of becoming a neurosurgeon. Apr 01, Joan rated it really liked it.

I was so surprised at the information and knowledge that Doctor Shinya shared with us about our common beliefs nowaday. Andrew Weil questions Shinya’s endorsement of Kangen water, saying that the purported benefits of alkaline water products are unfounded.