Albee, Edward – Historia Del Zoo – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. EL PLAN SUICIDA DE JERRY EN LA HISTORIA DEL ZOOLÓGICO: UNA OPCIÓN The Zoo Story (), Edward Albee’s most recognized play, primarily . La Historia del Zoo de Edward Albee (Obra de teatro). Public. · Hosted by Proyecto YLEM / Círculo de Estudios Teatrales. Interested.

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The Zoo Story – Wikipedia

The lucidity that was to constitute his torture at the same time crowns his victory. We observe that Peter fel to Central Park to be alone for a while and enjoy the reading of a book. Consequently, when coming to the park, he calls the attention of the first stranger he sees there edqard happens to be Peter.

Hence, it is assumed that he has been able to overcome the sense of self-preservation. Jerry affirms that God has forgotten this world and its people for a long time Albee,p.

Jerry is an isolated and disheartened man, desperate to have a meaningful conversation with another human being. This capability entails the idea that repeated exposure to painful, frustrating, and negative experiences in life will confer a hiatoria to develop extraordinary capacities to overcome self-preservation and, therefore, come to be fearless of committing suicide.

I therefore conclude that the meaning of life is the most urgent of questions. I was a h-o-m-o-s-e-x-u-a-l. Could I have planned all this? This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. However, he lives without having the opportunity to make long-lasting relationships based on trust, friendship, support, and close communication.


Because of that, he generates self-destructive behaviors through suicide ideation. Rediscovering the representation of violence in the zoo story. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. These words also reveal that part of his plan to die by suicide included the media to announce his death, a comment he said from the beginning when he just arrived in the park.


Retrieved from ” https: Jerry has not been angry or belligerent with Peter from the moment he meets him, it is an acting performance to achieve his suicidal goals. Jerry even asks him without hesitation to use the knife: His decision to commit suicide does not only rely on his incapacity to fight consciously against adversity and the absurd, but on his increasing courage to trigger his self-destruction, as for dying by suicide the individual needs bravery and sturdy self-determination.

His fury and self-consciousness have possessed him. In his awakening, Jerry observes that life is meaningless and his option is to commit suicide.

English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail. Peter had to be more fleshed out.

La Historia del Zoo de Edward Albee (Obra de teatro)

God”, are a combination of scornful mimicry and supplication. But it is tragic only at the rare moments when it becomes conscious. Durkheim explains that the egotistic suicide occurs in a society where individuals undergo an extended sense of not belonging and of not being part of a community on regular basis, because the social system is based on excessive individuation up to the point that the person is not socially integrated alvee a collectivity social integration.

It can be observed in the play sel because of his sexual preference, it is complicated for him to find someone to belong to and love.

While Peter is in shock, Jerry, who is agonizing, thanks Peter for assisting his suicide:. His confession also reveals how afraid he was that his premeditated plan to commit suicide had not worked.

Jerry recognizes that he does not even belong to the irrational levels of this absurd world despite his desperate attempt to empathize with a dog in replacement for human company. It is assumed that these inconveniences with the landlady at the place where he zko a room increases his already torturous social withdrawal.

Jerry could be exaggerating or even making it up the entire story about his disgraceful life in the rooming house where he lives, this being one of the ambiguities of the play and one of its absurd elements.


Jerry begins pushing Peter off the bench and challenges him to fight for his territory.

Historia del zoo

However, from another perspective, Jerry becomes fearless for self-injury. Similarly, Jerry is an unmarried man in his late thirties who has been unable to establish friendly bonds with other people, including women. Its prequel, “Homelife” written inhowever, can only be produced as a part of “Edward Albee’s at Home at the Zoo”.

On all essential problems I mean thereby those that run the risk of leading to death or those that intensify the passion of living. I mean, I was queer Albee,p. Today, professional theatre companies can produce “The Zoo Story” either as a part of “Edward Albee’s at Home at the Zoo” originally titled “Peter and Jerry”or as a standalone play.

Once being there, Jerry incites Peter to violence by asking many questions, invading his space, tickling his ribs, insulting him, and taking his bench to get Peter enraged to harm him: On the contrary, Peter holds his own instinct for self-survival or self-preservation and gets on guard to defend his life.

Jerry snores, but does not move. Once being there, Jerry incites Peter to violence by asking many questions, invading his space, tickling his ribs, insulting him, and taking his bench to get Peter enraged to harm him:. This theory claims that three states of mind are necessary for a person to commit suicide.

Historix vision in The zoo story. On the contrary, Peter realizes that he is in danger, presumably somewhat suffocated because Jerry has grabbed his neck and, therefore, is forced to take hold of the weapon he has been told to use to save his life.

In this sense, since Jerry was nobody all his life, the media reporting his supposed murder would at least give meaning to his death.

Studies in Higher Education26,