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With the news of Khalid’s arrival, Abu Ubaidah ordered Shurhabil ibn Hasanaone of the four corps commanders, to attack the city of Bosra.

To isolate Damascus from the rest of the region, Khalid placed the detachments south on the road to Palestine and in north at the Damascus-Emesa route, and several other smaller detachments on routes towards Damascus. I was sure, taking into consideration your brilliance, your wisdom and foresight that surely one day you would accept Islam as your religion. The expedition to Anatolia and Armenia marked the end of the military career of Urxu.

The Byzantines responded to this threat by concentrating their units at Ajnadyn a place in Palestine, probably al-Lajjun from different garrisons. He won quick victories in four consecutive battles: Once the region around Medinathe Islamic capital, was recaptured, Khalid entered Nejda stronghold of the Banu Tamim khaliid.

In he participated in the farewell hajj of Muhammad. It has been recorded that Muhammad told Khalid’s brother, Walid bin Walid, that: The Prophet had informed the people of the martyrdom of Zaid, Ja’far and Ibn Rawaha before the news of their death reached.

If the devastating defeat at Yarmouk hustory empire was extremely vulnerable to Muslim invasion. Muhammad then later ransomed him in exchange for camels, sheep, sets of armour, lances, and a pledge to pay jizyah.

Story of Hazrat Khalid ibn al-Walid (Khalid bin Walid). Urdu & Hindi – video dailymotion

In order to save the empire from annihilation, a desperate battle was fought between the Muslim army and that of the defenders of Antioch outside the city near Orontes riverpopularly ot as Battle of Iron bridge. Khalid is free to follow whatever religion he chooses”. You have killed my son-in-law and captured my daughter. There, he fought them and ordered killing of all the captives, which hustory met with opposition and protests from other Muslims.


14.Story of Hazrat Khalid ibn al-Walid (Khalid bin Walid). Urdu & Hindi

Khalid fought around battles, both major battles and udru skirmishes as well hhistory single duels, during his military career. Muslim troops rode entirely on camels and this method became an effective one for the Muslim army. There were two routes towards Syria from Iraq, one was via Daumat-ul-Jandal Now known as Skaka and the other was through Mesopotamia passing through Raqqa.

Take her as a gift, there shall be no ransom. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It was composed of highly trained and seasoned soldiers, the majority of whom had been under Khalid’s standard during his Arabian and Persian campaigns. There was a Byzantine and Christian Arab garrison guarding that fair, however the size of hisrory garrison was miscalculated by the Muslim informants. Instead, Bilal ibn Ribah was appointed for this task and called back Khalid from Chalcis to Emessa, where he was charged publicly.

He played a vital role in the Meccan victory at the Battle of Uhud against the Muslims. Guillaume, Oxfordpp. But it is not people who do; It is Allah who does Thou art an infidel’s enemy’s now.

The Battle of Ajnadayn is perhaps the best example of this form of psychological warfare. It left the whole of the Byzantine Empire vulnerable to the Walded Arab armies. In mid-September AD, Khalid defeated Tulaiha[43] a main rebel leader who claimed prophethood as a means to draw support for himself.

hlstory As a member of the Makhzum clan, who were amongst the best horsemen in ArabiaKhalid learned to ride and use such weapons as the spearthe lancethe bow and the sword. Abu Ubaidah sent Bjn northwards, while he marched south and captured Lazkia, Jabla, Tartus and the coastal areas west of Anti-Lebanon mountains.


He bypassed Damascus while crossing a mountain pass which khapid now known as “Sanita-al-Uqab” “the Uqab pass” after the name of Khalid’s army standard. Believing a trap was waiting for them, the Byzantine troops did not pursue. After the Battle of Mu’tah, Khalid was given the title Sword of God for bringing back his army to fight another day. Khalid was threatened by Abu Sufyan ibn Harb with dire consequences, but was restrained by Ikrimah who is reported to have said: Archived from the original on 27 September Khalid entered lower Mesopotamia with this force.

Khalid ibn Walid was a Sahabi a companion of Muhammada fact which makes him a very respectable figure among Sunni Muslims. The inhabitants were given peace on the terms of annual payment of jizya tribute and agreed to provide intelligence for Muslims.

Khalid destroyed the statue as well as the wwaleed and killed those who resisted.

Khalid ibn al-Walid

Musaylimaha claimant to prophethood, who had already defeated two Muslim armies. If you had been killed by an unbeliever it would have meant that Allah’s sword had been broken by an enemy of Allah; and that could never be. Men Aroud The Messenger. As Khalid was the architect of most of the early Muslim military doctrines, [] he was also the pioneer of almost every major tactic that Muslims used during Early Islamic conquests.