Find product information, product compatibility, and specifications for your HP Officejet J All-in-One Printer. HP Officejet J All-in-One Printer • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. User guide • Read online or download PDF • HP Officejet J All-in-One Printer User Manual • HP Printers.

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For more information, see Guidelines for printing on bothsides of a page and Load media. For more help on loading small-size photo paper, refer to the guidesengraved in the base of the input tray for loading photo paper. Remove the control-panel faceplate as follows: To share the device with client computers that use other versions of Windows, manua, Drivers to install those drivers as a convenience to the users. Page 95 6Computer with modem7Use the phone cord supplied in the box with the device to connect to the”1-LINE” portTo set up the device on the same phone line as a computer with one phone port1.

Slide the new print cartridge forward into the empty slot. If you do not close the cover, you might damagethe mechanism. To load an original in the document feeder tray1.

You might need to insert somepauses in the number sequence. Appendix BTo remove print cartridges before shipment1.

HP Officejet J All-in-One Printer : User Guide

Close the cover of the automatic document feeder. This special phonecord is different from the phone cords you might already have in your home oroffice.


If the recipient answers the telephone, you can engage in a conversation beforesending your fax. An FCC compliant telephone cord and modular plug is provided with this equipment. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. The serial number provided does not match the previously selected product. To order print cartridges for the device, go to www. Page 27 continued TypeSizeA2: To find out if other equipment is causing a problem, disconnecteverything from the phone line, and then run the test again.

Use the Mixed enhancement to sharpenedges of most originals. Enter the appropriate number of rings by using the keypad, or press the left or rightarrow button to change the number of rings. ResourceDescriptionLocationSetup posterProvides illustrated setupinformation. You can also share the device with other computers using a simple form of networkingknown as locally shared networking.

You could push the papertoo far forward, causing the device to eject blank pages. all-un-one

HP Officejet J All-in-One Printer User Manual | pages

Turn on the device and wait until the print carriage is idle and silent. It also supports j360 assistivetechnology such as screen readers,Braille readers, and voice-to-textapplications. If you are using a phone splitter, this can cause faxing problems. For example, officeuet cannotuse the device for faxing while you are using your computer modem to send an e-mailor access the Internet. Press the arrow key to move down to Print Report, and then press OK.


HP Officejet J3680 All-in-One Printer User Manual – Download

Press the Scan Menu or Scan To button. Page 61 The following Backup Fax Reception modes are available: Disconnect the cord from the telephone walljack and plug it into the parallel splitter. Load unused offiicejet white paper into all-in-onne inputtray, and then try the alignment again. If you do not use the supplied cord to connect from the DSL filter to thedevice, you might not be able to fax successfully.

If you do not remove all the pieces of paper from the device, more paperjams are likely to occur. To share the device among computers running Mac OS1.

Insert the offiicejet of paper into the input tray with the short edge forward and the printside down. Connect the device before installing the softwareIf you connected the device to the computer before installing the device software, theFound New Hardware wizard displays on the computer screen. Changes made from an application take precedence over changes madefrom the printer driver. After you are done entering text, press OK to store your entry.

Page Make sure you have the following materials available: Page 31 To load 10 x 15 cm 4 x 6 inch photo paper with tab in the input tray1.