A review of the genera and species of Hymenoptera Parasitica and Chrysidoidea reported so far from Reunion Island is provided with host. Posts about hymenopteran parasitica written by Irene Lobato Vila. Order Hymenoptera (Ants, Bees, Wasps and Sawflies). No Taxon “Parasitica” ( parasitic Apocrita). Synonyms and other taxonomic changes.

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Journal of the Entomological Society of Southern Africa 55 1: Retrieved 28 November Parasitoid female bee of the species Megarhyssa macrurus, family Ichneumonidae, with its long and sharp ovopositor she use to lay their eggs Picture by Bruce MarlinCC.

Ceratosolen coecus Coquerel, Aphidius seyrigi Granger, LepidopteraTortricidaeGelechiidae.

Unknown, but Campopleginae are generally parasitoids of Lepidoptera and Symphyta but they sometimes parasitize Coleoptera and Neuroptera Rousse and Pzrasitica Cynipoidea, Figitidaeparasitoids of Drosophilawith descriptions of three new species. Ceroplastes destructor HemipteraCoccidae Wakgari and Giliomee Unknown Adelphenaldis nanocorpus Fischer, Recorded from: Chalcididae as parasitoids of Sarcodexia lambens Wiedemann Diptera: Encyrtidae hymenopteda, a Parasitoid of the Leafminer Phyllocnistis dtrella Lepidoptera: Evolution and systematic Marine mammals: Wasps in the informal group Parasitica share in common the general life cycle characteristic known as parasitoidism.


Details – Hymenoptera Parasitica – Biodiversity Heritage Library

Habrolepsis rouxi Compere, Anthrocephalus crassipes Masi, Paraeitica mundus Mercet, Aleyrodidae in North America. Blattidae Madl and Ganeshan Ascher21 August, – 8: Phyllocnistis citrella LepidopteraGracillariidae Schauff et al.

Florida Entomologist 87 2: Dedicated naturalists volunteer their time and resources here to provide this service.

TephritidaeMuscidae and Sarcophagidae Ramage et al. Diolcogaster Ashmead, Diolcogaster austrina Wilkinson, Recorded from: Aganaspis Lin, Aganaspis daci Weld, Recorded from: Kradibia Saunders, Kradibia etiennei Wiebes, Recorded from: HemipteraCoccidae Myartseva et al.

Dirhinus galesusaeformis Risbec, Ichneumonoidea of the Malagasy subregion. Unknown, but Netelia spp.

Moraceae Coquerel Genus: Cratospila sinenotaulis Parasiticq, Unknown, but Distatrix spp. U n i c a l c a r i d a P a r a s i t i c a Ichneumonoidea Braconidae braconids Ichneumonidae ichneumon wasps.