: In the Forests of the Night (Den of Shadows) (): Amelia Atwater-Rhodes: Books. Editorial Reviews. Review. Three-hundred-year-old Risika looks darn good for In the Forests of the Night (Den of Shadows) – Kindle edition by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, . In the Forests of the Night [Atwater-Rhodes Amelia] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Mass Market Paperback Publisher: Dell Laurel Leaf .

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In the Forests of the Night – Amelia Atwater-Rhodes – Google Books

I first read this book right after it came out, and I have to say it changed me. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction.

Even after a-three-star-read, I am looking forward to continue this series as I guess it would be great to see how the writing style changes as the author grows up: The novel is told in first-person narrative by the protagonist, Risika. Nov 21, Sally rated it it was ok. After Aubrey leaves, Alexander reveals to Risika that he is still alive and that he was the one who had left her the note.

In the present she doesn’t really stay to long with people so that they don’t notice that she doesn’t age.

Refresh and try again. And her past has come back to torment her. And also jumps between 2 times, back in the s, view spoiler [explaining her family, the cause for her change, and how she deals with it hide spoiler ] and the present time, view spoiler [showing how she’s matured. While this was written years ago and I’m not the typical target audience, yet I still enjoyed this book.


Now Alexander can take his judgmental ass and leave Risika alone. Gy didn’t care about the lead character, or any of the sub-characters who were only mentioned because they had to be. By day, Risika sleeps in shaded room in Concord, Massachusetts. In the Forests of the Night.

The story shifts back and forth from when she was a human, around the s, to where she is has a vampire. Latly I’ve been having this problem where, even though i’ve never read, seen, or heard it before, I just know what will happen next, and so far i haven’t been wrong.

With one drop of blood Rachel has unknowingly condemned herself to atwater-rhodez fate she did not even know existed.

In the Forests of the Night

Atwater-Rhodes has taken a very unique path in regards to what parts of the vampire legends she uses. I’m sorry if I sounded full of myself there, but its what my sister said You can tell she probably wrote it in a couple days and decided it was good enough to haul off to a publisher.

Her original hair and eye color were inherited from her mother. So when vampires of their caliber do come to blows it is not just a physical fight, but two fights happening at the same time; a mental battle and a physical battle. Tora, her Thf tiger. The blood-mother of Aubrey and Risika.


In the Forests of the Night by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

We are experiencing technical difficulties. She had to adapt to the life of a vampire and he’s judging her for her choices? The best part of school, from fifth grade until the year I graduated, was definitely chorus.

It was fine enough for a short novella but there wasn’t enough of a story here. This has been a Sysanet review. An easy and enjoyable read for the rebellious teenager that lives in your heart! Return to Book Page. This title, however, did not stand up well to competition. Read this one in a day it’s only pages after all and though it was interesting it wasn’t all that memorable. See all books by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. This is not a particularly exciting book.

But someone is following Risika. Add that to the fact that i was halfway in and there was still no plot?

Risika and Aubrey are of the same lineage, and their line is known for nivht mental abilities. Three hundred years ago Risika had a family — a brother and a sister who loved her.