INCAT Disability Scale. Score. Arm Disability. Score. Leg Disability. 0. No upper limb problems. 0. Walking not affected. 1. Symptoms, in 1 arm or both arms, not. Background: The INCAT (Inflammatory Neuropathy Cause and Treatment) disability score is a measure of activity limitation. It is used frequently. ABSTRACT: Background: The INCAT (Inflammatory Neuropa- thy Cause and Treatment) disability score is a measure of activ- ity limitation.

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Understanding sclre consequences of chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy from impairments to activity and participation restrictions and reduced quality of life: All patients experienced deficits in daily functional activities.

More detailed explanations for your need are more likely to get a response. Merkies I S J.

Outcome measures in immune-mediated neuropathies: Epub May Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Two hundred and one visits were completed. Yale University Press, J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 60 — Published online Mar Ari Breiner University of Toronto Canada. Only shared with authors of paper.

INCAT Overall disability sum score > Online Calculator

Univariate linear regressions were carried out, including a restricted cubic spline function on independent variables see section Statistics and Herndon and Scors 14 intraclass correlation coefficients are shown.

Manual and interpretation guide. Although the INCAT scale has been an effective tool in inflammatory polyneuropathy studies, its limitations may warrant development of new scales. Ann Neurol 27 Suppl S21—S Neurology 41 — Then, press proceed to send the authors a message.


Weaknesses of the scale include concerns about methodological quality of validation studies; failure to properly capture activity limitations due to proximal arm weakness, or fatigue; heavy individual item weighting; and poor sensitivity for detection of clinically important change. The leg scale highlights problems with walking, taking into account the use of a device.

Overall disability sum score

WHO, [ PubMed ]. Obstetrics and Gynecology Oxford University Press, A comprehensive critical analysis of its measurement properties has not been performed. Request Disabilty Text Paper. Stroke 19 — As the description of these analyses was rather complex, we decided to present the data as such, for clarity.

Firstly, univariate linear regression analyses for the GBS Disability and Rankin Scales were carried out, although these are ordinal measures.

INCAT disability score: a critical analysis of its measurement properties.

Muscle Disabi,ity 28 93— The ODSS has good construct validity with reliability values ranging from 0. World Health Organization International classification of impairments, disabilities, and handicaps. We can help you send a request to the authors directly. Critical analysis of measurement properties. All incwt one mildly affected patient was initially treated with intravenous immunoglobulin Ig.

Strengths of the INCAT score include evaluation of upper and lower limb dysfunction, ease of administration feasibilityhigh face validity, and high reliability. Carolina Barnett Toronto General Hospital. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Neurology 59 84— Commun Stat Theory Methods 19 — Muscle Nerve 14 — Assessments were carried out randomly. With respect to the aims of this study, some methodological issues need to be considered. During these investigations, we questioned whether the ODSS, an instrument applied by clinicians, would have the best correlation with patients’ own judgement of their clinical condition, when compared with inca disability scales.


Erasmus Medical Centre, J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 72 — Twelve patients with CIDP responsive to intravenous Ig needed interval treatment with intravenous Ig to maintain the achieved improvement. Clinimetric evaluation of a new overall disability scale in immune mediated polyneuropathies Disabiility et al. Ann Neurol 50 — Secondly, because the examined group consisted of only 20 patients, it is not clear whether the same rank ordering can be generated in a more substantial group of patients.

Open disabilitt a separate window. J Peripher Nerv Syst Evaluating neurological outcome measures: The complete mitochondrial genome of Channa marulius Perciformes: