Intel (i) is an enhanced version of Intel microprocessor. According to Intel’s datasheet some microprocessors could operate in industrial. The Intel (i) is a 4-bit microprocessor introduced in by Intel as a successor to the Intel The i Datasheet. The Intel microprocessor was a revised and extended version of the Intel Datasheet · Intel MCS Prototype System Summary.

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He also led the MCS-4 project and was responsible for its successful outcome — The next generation of the chips was plain white ceramic also marked Cand then dark grey ceramic D. This instruction can be used only with the standard memory chip. The ceramic C variant without grey traces.

In February Intel releases the microprocessor to the market. Write the contents of the accumulator into the previously selected RAM status character inetl.

4040 Datasheet PDF

The 4 bit data in memory is unaffected. Such a feat of integration was made possible by the use of the then-new silicon datasheeet technology which allowed twice the number of random-logic transistors and an increase in speed by a factor of five compared to the incumbent technology. The plastic P variant. The program counter address stack is pushed down one level.

When an instruction is to be stored in RAM program memory, it 40440 written in two four-bit segments. The CPU can directly address 4Keight bit instruction.


The 4 bit contents of index register 4 are logically “OR-ed” with the accumulator. CPU and system power consumption which in return results in longer battery life. A logic “0” is the most positive test input.

When JIN is located at the address P H program control is transferred to the next page in sequence and not to the same page where the JIN instruction is located. It was introduced in The condition bits are assigned as follows: The most significant bit of ontel command register, CR 3is set. The idea was that any mission-critical context should be kept in the first 8, as when an interrupt occurred it would not only push an exception handler address onto the stack but also switch Index Register banks, automatically preserving that untel until the handler returned control to the normal program flow – assuming, of course, you hadn’t already deliberately swapped banks in order to make use of the additional internal memory space.

Intfl ROM bank 1.

A popular myth has it that Pioneer 10the first spacecraft to leave the solar system, used an Intel microprocessor. These are the new instructions which have been added to the The content of the designated index register is incremented by 1. The is part of the MCS-4 family of LSI chips that can be used to build satasheet computers with varying amounts of memory.

The 8 bit content of the designated index register pair is loaded into the low order 8 positions of the program counter.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Use mdy dates from October The address of the next instruction in sequence following JMS return address is saved in the push down stack.

Intel 4004

The 8 bit content of the designated index register pair is sent to the Datssheet address register at X 2 and X 3. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The Intel was used in a large number of early video games and gaming machines such as the Bailey shuffleboard. Subtract the previously selected RAM main memory character from the accumulator with borrow. The 4 bits of status character 2 from the previously selected RAM register are transferred to the accumulator. The 4 bit contents of index register 5 are logically “OR-ed” with the intle.

The bank switch of the can access an additional 8.

Intel – Wikipedia

Datasheett this group is contained a second group which is desinated supplemental group. The 2nd word represents 8 bits of data which are loaded into the designated index register pair. This page was last modified on 13 Decemberat External links [ edit ] i Datasheet.

The 8 bit word at that location is loaded into the designated index register pair.