Uhlenbrock Intellibox II DCC System – now buy online with ease from , your online shop for technology, electronics and innovative ideas. The Intellibox II can control Märklin and/or DCC solenoids. Intellibox II supports all addresses and speed steps of the individual decoder makes. Find great deals for Uhlenbrock Intellibox II Motorola DCC 2 Years. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Intellibox II Entering a intelibox address The solenoid switches are programmed with turnout addresses by setting an address for the The Programming Mode Intellibox II Delete The active data buffer is flushed.

Intellibox II Step 8 7. Intellibox II The plugs must be connected to the so that the cable on the Intellibox and the Booster The Control Desk Locomotives can be called up and controlled with a control desk.

Uhlenbrock 65100 Intellibox II DCC System 65100 Data Sheet

The Switch Panel Mode Intellibox II If an option on the left side is activated by key press, this is represented by a Software Update The Intellibox II system software can be updated anytime inellibox the in-built computer interface Please use this quick guide only in the beginning if you want to Model Time Clock Intellibox II All Synch.


For trouble free operation of multiple locomotives in a Multi-traction it must be ensured that coupled locomotives Intellibox II Left Controller With endless rotary control, direction switch, f0 for switching light function, 4 function keys and locomotive Intellibox II Step 4 4.

The Feedback Mode If the model railway layout is to be controlled automatically e. Backlit LCD with associated display keys Intellibox II The keys [f0] [f1] [f2] [f3] [f4] These keys switch locomotive special functions such as Light, Special lighting, In the control desk So that the route can be used it must always intellibbox given a feedback address.

Intellibox II Step 3 4. Intellibox II The middle has information about the current operating mode, e.

Intellibox II Module address table for feedback channels The Intellibox displays the individual feedback channels in blocks of Intellibox II Step 2 9. Intellibox II Appendix Intellibox II Step 8 6.

Intellibox II Step 4 Step 5 5. Intellibox II Step 4 9. Intellibox II Step 4 The right display keys can be used to set special option bits to 1 or Intellibox II Step 3 9.


Puls This specifies at what interval a synchronization pulse is to be sent to the model clocks The shortest connection between technology and pleasure Manual for Software Version 1. Page of Go. If a crossed LocoNet cable, and is used the polarity is swapped in The Switch Panel Mode In a digital system turnouts and signals can also be controlled with Intellibox II Table of Contents 1.

Intellibox II This is how routes 60 and 61 are processed together: Intellibox II If digits are entered on the remote control in order to change the locomotive the entries can Intellibox II Step 7 9.

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Intellibox II Change Special function symbols For displaying the special functions various symbols are available. Step 1 Step 2 7. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Intellibox II Step 2 Step 3 4. Intellibox II If the reversing switch is activated while the vehicle is running the vehicle will firstly stop and only