Interchar , Interchar , Interchar , Interchar and Interchar Interchar can be specified for structural beams, columns and. This approval relates to the use of Interchar for the fire protection of of Interchar (excluding primer and top sealer) required to provide. Interchar | Anti-corrosion solutions | Adress A. Kojelavičiaus g. 17, LT Vilnius.

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In the absence of loaded column data the following critical temperatures shall be used in the assessment of the performance of columns under maximum permissible design loading: In the case of b the data should be rejected and further tests carried out or suitable safety factors included in the analysis. British Gypsum Ltd Knauf Fireboard It is recognised that varying results can be obtained on identical specimens tested in different furnaces. Supplier Rockwool Ltd Pencoed.

CC 30 March 1 April The construction details should be identical to those covered in the assessment reports. The use of expanded metal lath as a support medium does not obviate the need for this additional reinforcement.

Where such assessment temperatures exceed deg C. When possible the moisture content or state of cure should be measured immediately prior to test. Situations may arise where certain of the above principles are not appropriate to a particular assessment. It should be noted that the scope of existing BS and EN standards do not make provision for this application.



Steel preparation requirements Steel must be degreased and rust or loose scale interchra where adhesive is to be applied. The above criteria shall be applied to each design temperature. Fire Resistance Range 30 minutes to 4 hours This 4th Edition of the publication recognises that in recent years the use of cellular beam constructions have increased, especially where long spans are required.

India export data of

Method of application The method of application of water-based intumescent coatings does not significantly affect the results so any method may interchag used but spray application is recommended. One must be fitted in the middle of the web post. BF2 and BF3 must be equal to or greater than 0.

The Assessment Report will fully detail the scope and limits of approval. See Section 6 for the fire protection of cellular steel beams.

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SCOPE Section 1 Contains some background information into why steel often requires fire protecting and explains the basic concepts of fire testing and how to specify fire protection. Since the insulation criterion ihterchar be satisfied for both steel member and wall.

Primary test evidence must be obtained from 3rd party test laboratories accredited to ISO The ASFP has tried to react to those changes, and will continue to respond with regular updated electronic versions of this 4th Edition offering appropriate new text and up-to-date data on products. In the case of walls.


On site use Internal The procedure is in two parts. In situations where all equivalent steel beams and columns. Such variations must be evaluated by an independent authority or an appropriate testing laboratory or consultant. It also provides a comprehensive yet concise guide to the performance of materials used to provide fire protection to structural steel.


The main difference is that a loaded column test is not required in the European Standard.

The temperature modifications are appropriate to both passive and reactive types of fire protection. The deck is then filled with in-situ concrete. Composite Beam A beam comprising a steel I section connected via shear connectors to a reinforced concrete or composite floor slab where the steel section and floor slab are designed to act together.

The data shall be modified in accordance with the principles given in Section 5. Other types of buildings such as warehouses. The modifications listed below would not apply to intumescent coatings.

Fire Proof Paints

Protection of steel beams and columns up to 2 hrs. Individual copies of these information sections are available upon request.

Product description Gypsum based type 5F. See remarks Protection of steel beams and columns up to 4 hrs. If the structural fire design codes are not used to calculate the maximum allowable imterchar in the steel sections. This a special type of thermocouple used for measuring the temperature within the furnace.