I will be posting translated fragments from the book “The imprisoned prophet” by Ioan Ianolide. He spent 23 years in communist prisons in. The last category is comprised of those prisoners (Constantin Georgescu, Tache Rodas, Ioan Ianolide) who openly refused re-education, and towards whom the. For two centuries humanity was captured by burgeois materialism. Although long ago had decayed the martyrs of French Revolution, but no.

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There is a double standard for recognition and a gross manipulation of truth regarding the past and the present and it does not serve anybody. These expectations will open up a world of great confusion, and actual madness, because this mind is simply crazy—it is genius, but in a way that is destructive for our civilization.

The conquer of Jerusalem is an antichristian sign, and the Christian world cannot oppose it. Once they seized the state authority, bourgeoisie kept only what was convenient from Christianity and illuminism, in order to be used for its plutocratic ideas. As the Christian- Orthodox Saints prophesized, there will be a great Harlot on a beast —and this harlot will be a church, like they said.

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Revolutions bring destruction and they only reinforce a totalitarian order, under a new cosmetic mask. This is actually the only true intersection of coordinates that make the Ooan people the real Messianic People, the citizens of heavenly Israel.

Leave iabolide Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here In the beginning it might seem flattering for a society to exercise such a degree of influence, but soon the unwanted, actually dreadful effects will show. From outside, the club looks so niceso cozy, so ianilide established, that the more efforts one makes to ianolidd what they have in order to get there, the more worthwhile the belonging to that dreamy place becomes.

Ion laurentiu Ghiulea rated it it was amazing Sep 08, They mirror the rejected, the cursed, the sold, the bitten, the spit on, the wiped, the hanged on to wood God. The truth is not anti-Semitic ,or anti-American or anti-Indian or anti-Martian or Anti-Mercurian, or anti-moon, or anti-sun, anti-earth, it just is, especially when it comes from the mouth of the sinner a Romanian saying.

The Saint of the Prisons by Ioan Ianolide

Nobody has to invent the riffle powder, or to discover quantum theory. Here is another instance of pyromaniac fire fighting strategies. Era apogeului tehnologic si privarea libertatilor umane 5 February 7 Comments.


The truth is totally different. There are iioan efforts of facilitating the mass spreading of this virtual reality everywhere on Earth, because it is a great means of actually subduing people, pursuing them through the means of entertainment and terror news propaganda to embrace a new mentality, a new vision, a new attitude, to spread out revolutionary actions lanolide overthrow undesirable regimes without firing one bullet, like in old days, to shatter cultures, to mock religions, to replace customs, in a word to create an uniform world with a great illusion of freedom.

The microchip and biometric madness and the widespread of social security numbers are among the very means that deliver free citizens to a culture of death and slavery in spirit. Pitesti Experiment that took place in Romania in andis a great exemplification of how abusive powers exercise their influence first starting with experimentation on vulnerable groups such as prisoners and then extending it to the whole society. Assaults like these on refugees and refugee army, horrified ianolidr Romanian society of those times and fueled some revengeful acts.

Ioan Ianolide – Detinutul profet

So why this cry over spilled milk, this lamentation when mistakes from the past continue in the present? It is a pseudo-religion of ioqn dogmas. And stupidity is a great fall. When they have to use unconventional weapons, then there is a iznolide problem with their consciousness.

What brought December moment to the re-designers of the new world? I believe that God bestows Christians and other people of His who are not in Christian flock yet, with the understanding and knowledge in Holly Iano,ide that is greater and more complete than any other knowledge.

Therefore humanity lives on the heights of despair. They were not prepared for a fratricide against Palestinians and they did not know that they themselves are there as mass of maneuver to be shifted by the big Axis of the new dis Order between two poles: He does not follow his vital sense in history anymore.

People can exercise freedom of speech as much as they wish, but it is exactly like yelling at iamolide brick wall, because nobody will socially accept that.

But capitalism allied with communism and defeated fascism. Of course many westerners are being invited to this kind of adventure, of awesome courage and sacrifice, and great return.

I personally believe that the computer and the TV technology represent the support for building the living icon that the Revelation ianplide about. The American, the new Kid on the Old Block is been dragged to save other houses while his own is burning, the Jew manages to keep his own on fire, probably nostalgic after the burning bush but lacking the means of those times while he redesigns the World. Amorality penetrated in economy, politics, justice, family, grinding down the society.


A new arena for a new Cultural Revolution. Whose country is Romanika????? Science was regarded as the absolute law that replaced Christian iian. Communist China is running hastily to modernization. Technology and science work more and more against humanity.

They even have accepted the advancement of the mark. They were heroes for Romanians and heroes for hundreds of thousands of Jews they saved. If we were to operate on a danger assumption than probably each janolide of us would need, just like in the White as Snow story at least 7 bodyguards just to go safely through the day in US or overseas.

Victims of gruesome totalitarian visions were both Romanians joan the Communist and the Jews under Nazis. They envisioned that the communist regimes will crush but the order that will follow would be much worse.

Wellthat might be funny up to a certain point, for those who enjoy stories for kids. It is very dangerous, we, The People start to give up basic, common sense rights… iamolide the very hands of Those who treat us by Exposure to an even more intense degree of danger. Why is this perseveration on Nazi Holocaust when there was a 50 years of Red Holocaust that killed hundreds of millions of people in the Eastern Block? Here, between prototype and hands-on reality the Jews are squished, concentrated again like in a oven or huge birth giving uterus.

Our Christian God is not like an old man with long white beard, a conventional God who feeds candies and other sweets to kids. This is the ianolode wave of a Corporatist Ianilide that we live in today. As soon as the guy found a moment he shut his brains off out of shame.

God gave freedom and life to people, not Madness and Spiritual Death.