GSM signal) does not Affect Micronucleus Frequency and cytokinesis-block micronucleus assay. .. total micronuclei) obtained at the ENEA and IREA labo-. The frequency of micronuclei (MN) in peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL) is extensively used as a biomarker of chromosomal damage and genome stabilit. Naples, Italy @ Abstract. The cytokinesis-block micronucleus assay is a sensitive and simple indicator of chromosome damage, both.

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To verify if the presence of pre-clinical stages of cancer might have influenced MN frequency at test we repeated the analyses excluding the first 2 years of follow-up. Sign In or Create an Account. A portion of medium is discarded and cells can be collected. View large Download slide. Much theoretical evidence has been accumulated supporting the causal role of MN induction in cancer development, although prospective cohort studies are needed to validate MN as a cancer risk biomarker.

Furthermore, we stratified the entire cohort according ires the median follow-up time among the cancer cases, i. Incorporating biomarkers into cancer epidemiology: Relative risk of cancer incidence by MN frequency, gender, occupational exposure to carcinogens and smoking status. The same groups also showed a decreased cancer-free survival, i.

The strengths of this study include the relatively large size of the study group, the same direction of risk estimates in all countries, and the independence of results from the time elapsed between MN testing and cancer diagnosis. This is also supported by a recent paper indicating that specific chromosomal rearrangements play a role not only in haematological malignancies but also in non-haematological malignancies, and that there may be no fundamental tissue-specific differences in the genetic mechanisms by which neoplasia is initiated The original cytogenetic studies were performed between andand most of them have been published in the peer-reviewed mmicronuclei literature.

The presence of a linear trend of RRs in the subgroup of women, who were much less occupationally exposed relative to males data not shownsuggests that the observed non-linearity may have, to some extent, been caused by incomplete adjustment for occupational mivronuclei.

Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of Environment Naples, Italy – ppt video online download

The procedure described for whole blood cultures is also applied for isolated lymphocyte and cell line cultures, except for the lysis step, due to the absence of erythrocytes. Cell Growth and Division. It was possible to follow the incidence for a subset of Italian subjects 7 cancer cases; person-yearsand these data were included in the statistics of cancer incidence. A method for assessment of cytogenetic damage in man.


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All these potential sources of discrepancy—including the intrinsic limitation due to measurement of MN in a surrogate tissue—may have weakened the observed association between MN and cancer incidence.

This association was present in all national cohorts and for all major cancer sites, especially urogenital and gastro-intestinal cancers The results provide preliminary evidence that MN frequency in PBL is a predictive biomarker of cancer risk within a population of healthy subjects. The first goal is easier to achieve, and plans already exist within the framework of the HUMN project for increasing the size of the study group, by both including new national cohorts and extending the length of the follow-up period for those cohorts currently included in the study.

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. A non-linear relationship between MN frequency and the risk of cancer seems the most likely explanation, assuming that there is a value of MN frequency beyond which no further increase in cancer risk occurs, e. The second goal is more complex given the relatively low risk predicted by MN frequency and the limited evidence of specific association with cancer site or genotoxic agent.

The wide-spread use of the MN assay in the monitoring of environmental and occupational exposure to genotoxins, its responsiveness to the effects of micronutrients and diet and its ability to identify high-risk groups of susceptible individuals, provides a further possibility for the use of the MN assay in the planning, implementation and validation of cancer surveillance and prevention policies.

Cells in hypotonic solution are cytospinned for 7 min. Registration Forgot your password? A feature of this study is the non-linearity of the dose—response relationship between MN frequency and overall cancer incidence, showing that subjects in the medium and high tertile have a higher risk of cancer relative to the low tertile, but there was no significant difference between medium and high tertiles.

Differential effectiveness of solar UVB subcomponents in causing cell death, oncogenic transformation and micronucleus induction in human hybrid cells. To test the hypothesis that PBL MN are predictive of increased cancer risk, we assembled a large international cohort of subjects whose lymphocytes had been screened for MN frequency between and and who were free of cancer at the time of testing.

Chromosome 4 hyperploidy represents an early genetic aberration in premalignant Barrett’s oesophagus. Mitosis is just one part of the cell cycle The Mitotic M phase is the shortest part of the cell cycle Cytokinesis may be included. The association between MN and survival was estimated using the multivariate Cox proportional hazard model. The authors are grateful to Dr Kei Nakachi, Hiroshima, Japan for his constructive comments on the manuscript.


Twenty-one subjects diagnosed with a non-melanoma skin cancer ICD-IX were excluded from the analyses. Conflict of Interest Statement: The median duration of follow-up was 8. A better understanding of this association, especially taking into account the role of possible confounders and effect modifiers such as diet, oxidative stress and genetic polymorphisms, would be desirable before routine application of these biomarkers in population studies to estimate the risk of cancer.

Influence of caspase activity on micronuclei detection: Evaluation of a potential mutagenic MOA based on analysis of the weight of evidence and using the modified Hill criteria Martha M. Jacob 2 and Diana Anderson.

Telomere dysfunction and evolution of intestinal carcinoma in mice and humans. Seventy subjects included in the cohort were tested more than once. Cancer free survival refers to time from MN test to the first cancer diagnosis. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic.

Given the homogeneous pattern of cancer incidence and cancer-free survival in the medium and high tertiles, the analyses by country and cancer site, which generally had a number of events too low to allow the analysis on three strata levels, were performed combining these two tertiles. A resolution of this issue may result from future studies designed to distinguish between these mechanisms using centromere and telomere detection in MN, and including measurement of nucleoplasmic bridges which are a marker of misrepair of DNA lesions and telomere end-fusion 928 Lapatinib induced Annexin A6 up-regulation as an adaptive response of triple negative breast cancer cells to EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors.

The current wide-spread use of the MN assay provides a valuable opportunity to apply this assay in the planning and validation of cancer surveillance and prevention programs. However, after stratifying by gender, females showed a linear trend of RRs by MN frequency level, i.

Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of Environment Naples, Italy

Elimination of micronucleated cells by apoptosis after treatment with inhibitors of microtubules. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

In Italy and Belgium, mortality data were available and information on causes of death was collected via postal follow-up from the Municipality of residence. These additional analyses were performed in groups with at least 10 observed cases.