INTRODUZIONE. L’iridotomia laser, ossia la creazione di un’apertura a livello dell’iride periferica mediante applicazione laser, è una procedura semplice ed. Yag Laser Iridotomy in angle-closed glaucoma Iridotomia yag laser in paziente con glaucoma ad angolo chiuso Iridotomia yag Laser – Yag Laser Iridotomy in. Objetivo: describir la efectividad de la iridotomía Nd: Yag láser en pacientes con glaucoma por cierre angular primario. Materiales y métodos: se realizó un.

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The pupil is dilated in advance for suitable treatment. This system is named Topography Guided Customized Ablation. If the patient uses rigid lenses, the recommended period without lenses is two weeks. Mrs India 2 years ago 26, views. Beyond Wavefront guided customized surgery, our Excimer has a system of delivering customized laser pulses based on the analysis of the yaf anterior surface of each patient.

The most common and effective indication is for convergence insufficiency and intermittent divergent strabismus, and the indication is reserved in other cases and analyzed in the ocular motility exam.

It also enables sequential exams for future comparisons, as well as greater convenience and flexibility in the exam, as it is not necessary to dilate the pupil, providing greater comfort to the patient.

The exam is relatively quick total 5 to 10 minutes. In specific cases the exam can be performed with pupil dilation. Accurate evaluation of the actual position of toric intraocular lenses, enabling better rotational control.

It measures objective refraction, and the measured refractive error can be used as a reference when prescribing corrective lenses such as glasses and contact lenses. Corneal scars and degenerations are located accurately and when interpreting the image, the surgeon can plan with more safety the appropriate treatment. Home Exams and Procedures. Suitable for detailed evaluation of retinal diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, venous obstructions and hereditary diseases.


This exam is performed using laser digital retinal scanning.

Exams and Procedures

Corneal curvature, measurement and the anterior segment shape topography and tomography can be used as a reference when selecting the base curve of contact lenses or refractive power of intraocular lenses.

Record and track the eye during the surgical procedure; Provide a visual reference of all incisions, capsulotomy and lens positioning. Or by module B, where the acoustic representation is two dimensional, allowing the panoramic vision of the eye and orbit and analysis of shapes and structures. The patient fixes his sight at a central point, keeping it from moving, and through a bell ring informs what is happening. Facebook trade mark is the property of Facebook Inc. It evaluates areas of the anterior segment for better selection of phakic intraocular lenses for cataract surgery.

Sodium Fluorescein is a dye which, injected to the vein arm, reaches the fundus blood flow after a few seconds.

Yag Laser LE. Topographer Keratron Scout – Optikon Italy. Accurately evaluates corneal power with one of more accurate existing topographers, with 33 rings of blue light. The applications of the Nd: Ultrasonic Biometry is usually performed when cataract is very advanced and it is not possible to measure by optical biometry.

No pupil dilation is required for the exam, it uses only a drop of anesthetic drops in each eye, as the instrument probe lightly touches the cornea. Todos — Saiba mais. Irivotomia plates Ishihara and models with slightly different colors Farnsworth-Munsell.


It is a semiologic method of great importance, always indicated when there is a need to evaluate the internal conditions of the eyeball and orbit. The test is performed without the pupil dilation and the optical correction glasses or contact lenses when prescribed.

Exams and Procedures – Sadalla

Suitable for treatment of retinal diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, venous obstruction and retinal rupture, among others. Capsulotomy with Yag Laser.

Yag Laser are usually painless. Oftalmopediatria — Saiba mais Ortoptistas — Saiba mais. Exam that measures the visual acuity of babies, preverbal children or patients who do not report their vision, at any age.

Send to mobile via QR code. Mrs India on Diabetes Awareness! HD videos are better than SD videos in terms of quality and also bulkier in file size. Cards containing, on one side, white and black stripes with varying width but with the same contrast pattern, and on the other side a flat pattern, are presented to the child. Thanks to the Wavefront technology, the new Excimer Lasers are able to provide customized vision correction, reducing those visual aberrations.

The test is aimed at the adaptation of optical aids magnifying lens, magnifying glass, monocularnon-optical convergence, enhancement, lighting or electronic yxg electronic magnifiers iridotomoa similar products to improve the visual quality of the patient for certain activities.

Corneal Tomography with Scheimpflug.