This papercraft is the Iron Patriot, the name of a fictional powered exoskeleton in Marvel Comics, from the Iron Man 3 film, the paper model created by Jul. Thanks! They’re up by a miracle worker on the RPF: jackieisrockins-iron-patriot-im3-pepakura-files-links/. iron patriot pepakura 3d models ✅. This is the Iron Man Iron Patriot Helmet from Iron Man 3. This helmet was a request from one of my patrons on my patreon.

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Kanga’s Iron Patriot/War Machine V2 Build | Halo Costume and Prop Maker Community – th

Great job Jackie, and you ARE rockin’. I started watching the tutorials on the site, but I got bored.

The Iron Patriot armor utilized a version of Iron Man’s armor painted in the colors of the American flag. PM Laellee pspakura password. There are some really cool things you can do with it. Thanks to Helagak i now know how to fix this in the future iroon future files I just sent it to IronLeoMan to be unfolded so i will let you all know when its done And gaiatron, if you want to, i dont mind at all.


Iron Man – Iron Patriot Full Armor +FOAM+ –

I’ve been trying to unfold for foam build, but just couldn’t get it right. Not accurate, but looks pretty cool View attachment View attachment Now before i can release the files, peppakura have encountered a problem: I have always wanted to try 3-d modeling.

PapercraftSquare is a free papercraft site. Unfortunately, however, ive been trying the past 30 minutes trying to figure out the abs and cod but no luck.

Kanga’s Iron Patriot/War Machine V2 Build

If you want, I can help you to take a look. If it is flipped, it can be flipped manually. How does it look? How long did you have to spend learning all the functions before you were able to tackle this?

Yes, my password is: Don Juan idon, Oct 29, Not even sketching it out using different reference pictures is working because i have not found one good quality or even semi-good quality pic of the back details. I guess all we can do is wait for ptriot pics. Judging your case, it has different parts and not linked to each other.

I have always wanted to try 3-d modeling. V2 files coming soon!


So you say it’s complete. HelagakNov 1, DynofiendOct 29, Did I missed patrkot here? You have my word jackie: Definitely watching this thread myself.

No, create an account now. Until there’s more photographic evidence, maybe you could use the Mk 8 designs to fill in the missing gaps? Why am I thinking of building it! Related 3d models searches:. Here is the link! I was hoping to start an Iron Patriot when I finish with my Mark pagriot, so pepaiura will be fun. Educational purposesFan artGame modMachinima. Here is the link! Hopefully soonish we’ll get some more official photos that show some of the missing angles. And once i start making more models, i can start helping you out with that if you want.

The Patriot Iron man has been my favorite Superhero without pepakkura power. You must log in or sign up to reply here. The model should be printable if you scale it properly! Brilliant work as always Jackie.