“Jacques Poulin is one of the finest and most underrated novelists in Quebec. Volkswagen Blues confirms his calibre as a writer, and may give him the. 1 The year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the publication of Governor General’s Award-winner Jacques Poulin’s popular novel Volkswagen Blues. The novel Volkswagen Blues is a novel that was written by Jacques Poulin. It was originally published in French in , and was translated into English in

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I enjoyed this book tremendously. This was arguably, after all, the goal of both the postmodern and postcolonial movements.

Was the meeting a happy one for the two brothers.? Twenty-five years after its publication, it is important to look at Volkswagen Blues in a new light; the novel is a product of its time and should be examined as such. ParadisePorch Jul 1, It’s more than just a road trip novel, it’s a journey of self discovery, and also of Native American history, while also critiquing the American Dream. Eh, it was in French.

This is a book I bought in Montreal, which explains why I have the Quebec edition and not the French one. But it’s the kind of book a Canadian might write after a single road trip through the Volkswagsn. Neither story turns out to be quite as straightforward as we think it’s going to be.

During their journey, they learn about the Indian tribes who used to live there, revisit the story of the conquest of the West. The first time I read this book, I gave it four stars and was quite enamored with it.

Books by Jacques Poulin. Ending moral is very predictable and not much though. These myths are often tied to nationhood since Indigeneity is frequently used by Canadian anglo-phones and francophones alike in order to create unique national identities that will distinguish them from Europeans, as well as Americans, and ultimately give them a greater sense of entitlement to the land.


The ending is not what you would expect.

Native Women of Western Canada. I read this book for second year a Canadian Lit class. Volkswagen Blues has the music of mild rain, a comforting sound. The portrayal of print culture as foreign or not a part of Native cultures is an essentialization of Indigenous experience.

Glues veux lire davantage de cet auteur! And drove my family a couple of times across Australia, from Melbourne to Perth and back. It’s a wonderful road trip book with a little adventure, mystery, romance and history in the mix.

Jul 19, Sarah Sammis rated it it was amazing Shelves: Volkswagen Blues by Jacques Poulin. I first read this novel several years ago and found it slightly strange. The best approach might be precisely the bues Duceppe jaccques in his apology to residential school survivors: Among many others, Cree scholar Emma LaRocque believes that English has become a Native language, since it has been used by Indigenous peoples for centuries and has been modified to suit their needs xxvi.

The undercurrent in the novel is the violence of European colonization that needs to be understood in order to navigate through life. I gave it five stars as it was different, entertaining and I will probably remember it.

Volkswagen Blues

The writing just is – it isn’t great, nor particular in any way – just simplistic and at times somewhat childish and boring. He will begin a road trip from the northeastern part of Canada all the way to San Francisco. Recently added by turcottesebJ. Aug 02, Virginie Roy rated it really liked it.

While it is true that this story is written from the perspective of a white Quebecker — and is therefore representative of a non-Native perspective — the representation of Aboriginal peoples by a non-Native author can, as we have seen, perpetuate damaging stereotypes. We found it almost incomprehensible, partly because of their pronunciation as well as the vocabulary. What should be made clear, however, is the degree to which it is a product of its times and not a model for the future.


Violence against Native Americans but also violence of the climate and living conditions of the pioneers. American Indian Literary Nationalism. Twenty-five years ago, Poulin undertook to demonstrate to what degree the continent was constructed on violence, and he produced a successful and popular work that continues to attract readers.

Recent Comments Scott W.

Volkswagen Blues by Jacques Poulin

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In order to promote a move toward a more tolerant and diverse society, Pouln embraces the hybrid as an alternative for Quebec.

Jacques Poulin’s writing and Sheila Fischman’s translation combine yet again in a bright and musical style that is, perhaps, more direct than his later books, but equally refreshing. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

While this reading is generally intended by scholars and teachers to affirm the human dignity of Aboriginal peoples, it ironically erases vlues of the most fundamental aspects of Indigenous survival: Poulin describes a Quebec, in fact, that seems to identify with Native peoples, giving Quebec an air of authenticity and a sense of entitlement denied to Canada outside Quebec or the United States.

Where it breaks down, however, is in its portrayal of Indigeneity. I enjoyed the journey more than the conclusion I volmswagen, but then again, I need to ruminate for a bit.