Jandy Pro Series AquaPure is a heavy-duty, electronic saltwater swimming pool purifying system that uses Jandy AquaPure salt-water chlorine sanitizing systems use salt-water to deliver high-performance water . Brochures & Manuals. View and Download Jandy AquaPure installation and operation manual online. Electronic salt water chlorinator and water purification system power center and. Jandy AquaPure Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Jandy AquaPure Installation And Operation Manual.

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Pib Sensor Readings Test The mineral purifier cartridge may have ruptured.

Manual Website Nature2 CF: The salinity or salt level should always be tested before salt is added to the pool. Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. Check the water balance as usual. Zodiac Salt Sanitizing Brochure Item: Pool Water Maual Will there be any harm if someone swallows salt water zquapure a salt chlorinated pool? The cartridge must be replaced.

Table of contents Table Of Contents Reading The Display Jandy AquaPure Workbook 32 pages Brand: Service Code Flow Charts Can I switch from bromide to salt water chlorination using aquapur same water?

Do Not use Rock salt insoluble impurities mixed with the rock salt can shorten the life of the unit. Pool Link 2-Circuit Timer: The water balance will be less threatened, because only pure chlorine is added to the water.



Turn on the chlorinator or increase the chlorine production percentage. Manual CL Cartridge Filter: In aquapuer, chlorine levels can be stabilized easier with less dramatic fluctuations. Will salt from the salt water chlorinator deteriorate the metal components in my pool?

Salt only needs to be added when necessary. Manual Website Zodiac Wahoo: The Total Zodiac Pool Everything you need for your pool.

Jandy AquaPure Installation And Operation Manual

This can usually be prevented by sealing the stone with a sealer. Water conditioning salt pellets are compressed forms of evaporated salt and may be used. We cannot guarantee the life span of this surface in the long term.

While the janey water chlorinator prevents the user from needing to add chlorine to the pool on a regular basis, some maintenance, in regards to water balancing, will still need to be accomplished.

Salt level may decrease after a heavy rain, backwashing, refilling, draining or excessive splash out. Most cases of corrosion can be better explained by an incorrect water chemistry as opposed to the presence of salt. Installation Of User Interface Rely on its sturdy design and simple features to create manial saltwater oasis.

For vinyl and fiberglass pools, salt can be added at start up. Turn on pump to circulate pool water.


The salt under the effect of electrolysis, is transformed into sodium hypochlorite, a disinfectant. Is it possible to use salt water chlorination when the pool liner is in natural stone? Natural stone can be visually altered over time. Cell Voltage And Current J Series J Series: Is it true that salt water chlorination is maintenance free?

Use sodium chloride only. When should I add salt?

How do I add salt? What type of salt needs to be used for salt water chlorination? Manual Website Polaris Find Us Find a Dealer. Stainless steel is better adapted to resist salt than Galvanised steel. Use a salt that is at least If corrosion appears in one year, it can be explained by incorrect water chemistry or bonding issue, not kanual the presence of salt alone.

Owners Manuals | Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc.

Don’t have an account? The remaining bromide will not harm the users, pool equipment or the pool. Troubleshooting – Transformer Voltage This may be necessary after heavy rains, backwashing and refilling, excessive splash out, etc. Front Board Sensor Readngs Test