I took bayat online I read Darood Jawharat al Kamal only 11 times a day I took it from your website Would you please help me how. Jawharatul Kamal: Jewel of Perfection, treasury of the prophet S.A.W . reading of the Prayer of “Jawharat al-Kamal” by laying down a white. Jawharat al-Kamal (The Jewel of Perfection) (7 times daily). Allahumma salli wa sallim `alaa `ayni ‘r-rahmati ‘r-rabbaaniyati wa ‘l-yaaqootati.

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Recitation of jawharatul Kamal brings solace to the reader, the reader has a great reward. The Sufi Forum join now. This journey is certainly longer and more demanding than our journey on earth. Bless our Master Muhammad swhose heart is so full with Your Glory, and whose eyes are so full of Your Beauty that he came to be overjoyed, supported and victorious, and bless likewise his Family and Companion and grant him and them abundant peace, and praise be to Allah swt for all of that!

If they had only, when they were unjust to themselves come unto thee and asked Allah’s forgiveness, and the Messenger had asked forgiveness for them they would have found Allah indeed oft-returning, most merciful. Why do we spread the ‘izar, the white piece of cloth on the ground while performing the wazifah or the haylalah? Should not be recited on the sea, air or in automobiles 4.

That is the beginning of his or her journey to the hereafter. Finally I said, ‘and if I dedicate my supplication in its entirety to you? Largest Gallery on net.

Sheikh Abdussalam Surajudeen Ajani 5 January at Both the wazifah and the haylalah can be done perfectly without this white piece of cloth being spread. May Allah’s blessings be with us all and give us Himself. Dhikr Qasa-id Hadra MP3. The reciter must believe the the salat is Kalamun Qodimun, ancient divine words of Allah 3.

Here are some of them: And just as any black spot on this white cloth is capable of distracting the attention of those who look at it, any evil deed no matter how very small can render our action unacceptable to God.


Its also given to the Shaykh in the twelvth century of the hijra. For her the Chosen ,amal down his dress, So great that dress contained of grace. Also think about this point. Jewel of Perfection, treasury of the prophet S. Beloved, Allahs Name Muhammad- s and recites a formula of salawat as mentioned in Quran ” Toriqat tijaniyat holds this salat in essence of Wazifa been performed every evening preferably between Maghrib and Isha’.

Spreading the ‘izar – the white piece of cloth is only to dignify the wird litany.

Unknown 8 December at And these go thus:. Salam ,There is a slight mistake on the Prayer’s transcription; here is the correct one: We can clearly jawharatt from this action a sing of glorification to those the noble dress have been placed down for and since the Prophet peace and blessing be upon him is an example for us to be followed.

It could be recited at any moment and any period in the course of litanies 3. It is when a person dies and is wrapped up jqwharat a white piece of cloth and buried that he or she begin to reap the rewards of the good works that he or she has done on earth.

The Salat has obligatory conditions and recommendations attached to it which the reader is strongly adviced to adhere strictly to. And these go thus: Conditions jawhsrat Recommendations The Salat has obligatory conditions and recommendations attached to it which the reader is strongly adviced to adhere strictly to.

Numerical essence of Jawharatul Kamal It is righly claimed by gnostics of this tariqat tijaniyyat that the salat corroborates with the twelve thousand years of Ibadat of the prophet’s Nur before creation. Its should be recited only kamak Al-wudhu Ablution with water Recommendations 1. Allah swt will forgivebig sins, min al-kabaair. Exalt our master Muhammad, whose light preceded all Creation, whose appearance is mercy to all the worlds, on the number of Your Creations which have passed before and the number of those which remain, those who are fortunate and those who are not, with blessings which exceed all count and which encompass all limits, blessings with no limits, no boundaries, ceaseless, blessings which are eternal, enduring as You endure.


Will you please talk about the reasons and important of the spread of the white clothes during the wazifa. It is like the red carpet which is usually spread on the ground while welcoming important dignatories. As jawjarat murid keeps his thought on this stage of his life, he jzwharat fervently to God to accept his religious observances from him and grant jawhart security from evil and to grant him pleasure out of His Divine Grace, so that he or she will not be among the losers on the last day.

He also has erased from his record ten bad deeds.

Kmal person who fails to do any good works while alive will have nothing to fall upon when that second journey begins – the journey to the hereafter. This notion helps the murids to concentrate more on what he or she is doing, and it helps them to keep their minds away from the mundane world.

Anonymous 9 October at I said, ‘a quarter of it? As the spiritual people of tassawuf do not joke with Salat, each Toriqat seems to hold different Salat in high esteem as recommended by the founder and through the Prophet Muhammed S.

Deen islam – Erase , Grand Sins with these 2 Salawats from Kitab Kunooz Al-Asrar

It is done to dignify them and as a mark of jaqharat and honour. It has become a tradition among this blessed tijani community from the early years to celebrate the Mohammedian manifestation at the reading of the Prayer of “Jawharat al-Kamal” jawnarat laying down a white garment honouring the Ahmedi ascent.

Sayyid as-Salawaat The Master of Salawaats 5. Unknown 10 August at Dawoodu Ahmad Adekilekun Tijani Question The place of its recitation should be cleaned 5.

It should only be recited for prophet Muhammed only. It should be recited without omission of anywords, or else, the whole recitation is fault.