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The JBL CX 12″ subwoofer is an awesome upgrade to your existing car speaker. With watts of peak power handling and a frequency response of. Hi All,i just signed up to give the site a try and also to search for information on JBL A/JBLA speaker bins.I would like to know who designed them and . Hi all,just joined as i hope it will help in my search for information and plans on the vintage JBLA/JBLA far i have only.

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You can reflash it yourself, but it’s tricky. To download it officially, it looks like you have to buy csr development kit. As you launch PSTool, connection dialog pops up.


Change the value “bfff” to “” in the piece ” a bfff”. This disables ONLY startup sound.

Instructions | Reverse-engineering JBL flip 4 |

PSTool will show an error, because the speaker powers down. If steps don’t bring your speaker back alive, try: Then try to switch it on. Charge it, power it on. If nothing helped – congrats, it’s probably bricked. I have ibl with this key quite a lot, and never managed to brick the speaker.

However, I’m not sure it’s completely fool-proof. You may want to dump all settings to a file, hbl be able to revert any changes you made. However, it won’t help if the speaker is bricked, because then PSTool won’t connect to it anymore.

To unbrick the speaker, you’ll need to use SPI programmer and you need to have firmware to flash. About Us Contact Hackaday.

Reverse-engineering JBL flip 4 Back to project overview That is, full teardown, 47742, and hacking. How to disable startup sound. Luckily, it has leaked.


May work on Wine, but I don’t know. Down for 13 seconds or so.

You should see a long list of keys you can modify. Modify “User configuration data 30”.

Information Wanted on JBL 4755A and JBL 4742A Bins

It should have a value like this: Power up your speaker. There should be no startup sound anymore. Sign up Already a member?