Marshall JCM TSL 60 super lead guitar amp head is a guitar amp head with a power output of 60 Watt and 16 Ohms/8 Ohms impedance. This amplifier. Get the Marshall JCM Triple Super Lead Head if you want an amp with great clean sound and a lot of gain. Speaker emulation DI circuit. Spring reverb. Marshall’s new JCM Series was introduced last year and has been well- received As for the basics, the TSL has three channels – clean, crunch, and lead.

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Another area where the TSL shows dramatic improvement is in the reverb. It has a button on it that drops the wattage or something, and it 22000 to work. Been playing Cream licks all morning on this: Anybody use one of these and can share any tips and tricks with me?

Jul 10, 2.

Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 60 super lead head 60 watt Guitar Amp

It was very professional sounding and very loud. Big Mike – I think I know what you mean there. Trending Price New. Hell, it was free – and I don’t have to rely on it at all, with my other amps being my go-to’s.


A special thank you to the ‘new’ guys that helping out. It was rock solid, and I never had a problem with it.

Marshall TSL Electric | eBay

Jul 10, 7. Show More Show Less. These two channels share master controls, but have separate controls for EQ, volume, and gain. Burns Volume 6 Peter Stuart Kohman. I have only played this TSL at very low volume levels at home so far, tso I can’t report on the tone.

The TSL sounds excellent through the old 4 X 12s and basically does everything the old Marshalls do — and more. This is great for quick, silent guitar changes or turning off the speaker while recording. I like the TSL’s distortion.

Marshall Triple Super Lead | Vintage Guitar® magazine

This amp has an incredible sound for it’s size and rich tones, I like it better than my DSL. Show less Show more. Brett’s Les KcmJul 11, They did an awesome packing job.

StevenSJul 10, I’m gonna take it to the rehearsal space pretty twl and let it rip and 200 if it’s any good for me. The manual reminds users that distortion boxes do not belong in an effects loop and should be used in front of the amp. My biggest problem with multi channel amps in general is that I have to compromise something on some level. No, create an account now.


Like politics, religion, and overdrive pedals, echo boxes are sure to incite staunch views, heartfelt arguments, and perhaps even fisticuffs. The guitarist has an informative blog about mods he performed to his TSL.

Jimi DJul 10, Very unique in the Marshall line up. This is great amp for the money. Jul 10, 1.

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The reverb effect ranges from a subtle shimmer to a deep, rich sound with more intensity. Channel switching can be done manually or with the included TSL Foot Controller, which also can be used to activate the reverb and effects loops. I will say the clean is really very good. He’s been using it in his band since them with no problems other than replacing that 5-button footswitch twice I’m definitely gonna take it to rehersal on Tuesday next week – turn it up and rock out!