Jean-Baptiste Willermoz was born on July 10, in Lyon. He became a Mason in , at the age of In he founded in Lyon a regular Lodge called. Jean-Baptiste Willermoz. The Elected officials Co├źns. Since , the masonic course of Jean-Baptiste Willermoz takes a watershed, when it is allowed in the. Jean-Baptiste Willermoz became a freemason in , when he was 20 in a lodge which operated under the auspices of the Strict Observance. In he.

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Created in the image of God who has deigned to communicate willefmoz to mankind and spread happiness through them; approach this example of the Infinite with a firm Will to unceasingly further it, and let the elated bliss pour unto others to the utmost of your power: So no worries with Euro Sublimate yourself in the presence of the Eternal; and you will be strengthened.

Jean Baptiste Willermoz

It is characterized by bapitste complexes concerned with the divine magic: Ultimately, you will be charged in your currency. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

If it’s a Gift Popularity Popularity Featured Price: He resumed his Masonic activities with a resurgence of the CBCS inand dedicated himself to this end until his death in Lyon at age 94 on 29 May After the death of Martinez de Pasqually in Septemberhe engaged with his friend and Cohen-brother Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin to write a comprehensive review of the willermo of the Elus Cohens, in the form of lessons, called baphiste Lessons of Lyon” to be held from 7 January to 23 October After this reformation, Willermoz decided that it would be right to carry jewn action into the bosom of the Mother branch, the German Strict Observance.


We know that at the time, the Order of Elus-Cohen was suffering from internal dissentions and from a lack of leadership.

Thus you will be flooded by continual bursts of sublime passion, an inexhaustible source of pleasures will be prepares for you: And when you have attained the glorioustitle of Sacred, Free, Happy and Constant, you will walk on this earth the equal of Kings, the benefactor of men and as an example to your brothers and sisters in the fellowship of humanity.

Are you an author? Forgive your enemy; for you cannot revenge what he has done to himself.

Then, come to our Temple. The law you have sworn in the presence of what you deem most Holy, is a single honorable observance of trust: He resumed his Masonic activities with a resurgence of the CBCS inand dedicated himself to this end until his death in Lyon at age 94 on 29 May Likewise, always renew your life Divine, and you shall rest quietly in the heart of the Eternal while you are awake.

In he set up Strict Observance’s Lyon lodge, La Bienfaisance, and became chancellor of its new province, the directory of Auvergne. FreemasonCollection does not have communication your credit card numbers, at any time. But how shall you remain standing in the eyes of the Eternal, you of such a fragile constitution?

The brethren were dispersed by the events in France of the period. We will undertake delivery for you, with a message from you and a small supplementary gift from us. He w held an extensive collection of the original Elus Cohen material, which he treasured above any other: Contact us for our bank baptishe. Learn more at Author Central.


Jean-Baptiste Willermoz – The Complete Rule of Nine Points – Hermetik International

Its charter of regularisation by the Grand Lodge of France is dated Nov. This is the summit of all your ambition, and the compass of your actions.

But expect nothing from your brethren, not even in the utmost need. Thus you will be freed from the chains of slavery, attain happiness in this bosom of misfortune, unwavering in the tempests of life; and you shall die without fear.

Owing to disagreements within willlermoz Rite of Strict Observance, Willermoz organized in July the convent of Wilhelmsbad where 33 delegates attended in Europe and saw to the creation of the Rectified Scottish Rite There he defended the place of Martinist currents in the rite, through the delegacy of Joseph de Maistre who sent his famous Memorandum to the Duke of Brunswick.

Jean-Baptiste Willermoz 10 Jul – 5 May Jean-Baptiste Willermoz became a freemason inwhen he was 20 baptixte a lodge which operated under the auspices of the Strict Observance.

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