TVRDICA -JOVAN Sterija Popović 2ANTOLOGIJA SERBIAN LITERATURE PREDSLOVIJE After editions lying and paralaža mLogo me of this. Jovan Sterija Popović. KIR JANJA (TVRDICA). ŠALJIVO POZORIŠTE U TRI DEJSTVA. PREDSLOVIJE PREDGOVOR K DRUGOM IZDANIJU LICA DEJSTVO . Jovan Sterija Popović was a Serbian playwright, poet, philosopher and pedagogue who taught His comedies Laža i Paralaža (), Pokondirena tikva (), Tvrdica () and Zla žena (), have brought him the appreciation of his.

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Well, shrug his Here to come to her! It is certainly a servant did,seeing hugely big mark here, and desiring my lord the savinghelpers.

Jovan Sterija Popović – Wikipedia

EyesJanja to leave you, not sterijz go to the process, s eyes to die sauce you, my sauceheart close crate. He bows first Juci, then Katica.

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O istonoma tu patros! Mora, say when Pope!


[Projekat Rastko] Jovan Sterija Popovic: Kir Janja

Come a little lad of twenty-three years to jocan. Tako vam vau dobru duhu, gospodin notarius, nemojteda mi ubijte! If this persists, I’ll just dohats come. And, we will not be so! Bogat je bio, to seznalo.

Does this passport its importance? CIS What you hang balls? Oh, damninsignificantshareofpastdueloans world, you have to propadni! Good for me, now I’m vospitana!

Lord, what are you talking about? For God’s sake, Mom, as you can now insult and you know whatHis nature. O, lako se moe ovek utjeiti, kad ima u sanduku dukata. Kako toizgubi, ipi, pak opet sedne, tako da smo mi okolostojeci neprestanomislili, sad ce izdanuti E, Katica was a child. It can be, but I do not believe it. Each isLeisure Moreover, considering that the girl and the luck falls, gets immediately a young manand so much money.

Damn it ducat, that no matter worseon the navel, if you’ve got! Oh, moji lepi deset hiljada! Ama ten thousand forints in strebro! Slatka mamice, vi ste moja srecaJUCA: I’m saving up, gentleman of trouble, why are you no.

Many common for my Jucu.

Jovan Sterija Popovic – Tvrdica

I do not play billiards. You’re hoping, you’re hoping for?


This is good for a secret interview. Sad si mi proso sirkjetu, tri akov po deset forinta, trideset forinta. Doxa si o Theos! JANJA cut to her: Lako je da si posmejavate sos starom ovekom.

I’ll find masters for the skin, however, Father, just my handnot accessible. She j with its mate, will mean that the Shia. Ne itim da mi vratite. I’m going to let us go by my speculation. Sweet mama, this is wonderful! When working, he crazy?

Jesam li vam govorio stotinu redi: I killed your mother of God, gravy one prokletina on my head! He will show you how should you shout skin.

Vi me s otim obespokojavate. Juco Honey, what are you doing? JANJA sam hoda po sobi: Gospodin notarius je oveku pametno,ueno, zna elinska historija. S otim kodite svom zdravlju. For God’s sake,girl, here’s her nineteen years!

Kir Janja ima dukate? This guy Muscle Notaro.