The kawai q80 has an average rating of out of 5.(The kawai q80 has a total of 35 reviews). The seller I got the GOTEK from lists the KAWAI Q80 as a FYI: The Q80 is rapidly becoming my favorite all time hardware sequencer. Find great deals for Kawai Q Digital Midi Sequencer. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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The Q80 also provides an additional 64K of internal memory for storing MIDI System Exclusive data in ten separate files for patch data storage as well. The Songs can be chained to play in any order.

MIDI patch or pattern data can also be saved and loaded in kadai same manner.

Kawai Q-80 Digital Midi Sequencer

The Q works well in the studio and for live performances. There are numerous Bar Editing functions.

Each of these ten files kawa of 16 tracks and a whopping SysEx messages. I remember yearning for this sequencer when I bought my Kawai K4 around Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Hi, I have a q I might sell.

Kawai’s first sequencer offers a multitude of elaborate features including extensive editing capabilities, patch storage and a floppy disk drive.

Finally, kawwai drawback to the Punch Record function is that you must punch-in and punch-out at even bar marks. In Bar Edit of a song or motif, you are able to alter the following parameters: You cannot punch in or out kadai the middle of a measure.

Notify me of new comments via email. Personally, I was amazed and excited by the flexibility and processing capability that was now available to those who wanted that kind of power. It has some excellent editing capabilities, making it a contender when shopping for a sequencer, either hardware or computer-based.


Also, some people find certain key strokes and mouse movements used in executing various functions difficult or clumsy, especially when speed is important. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: For example, Step Record permits you to enter notes and chords one at a time chords can also be constructed by pressing the Kaawi button and entering the intervals one note at a time from the keyboard.

Kawai Q80 () digital MIDI sequencer

Here’s how it works: Portability would have been nice, especially with the capability of System Exclusive capture. Note Split and Note Shift are two interesting edits that allow you to divide a Track or Motif into two pitch ranges Note Split such as splitting a Track into a bass track and a lead track, and transpose notes selectively kawzi a Track or Motif Note Shift.

The drive unit appears to be well-built, and its operation is smooth and almost silent. Kawai Q Sequencer Unbelievable! What is extremely useful is the ability to use Tracks and Motifs together to achieve oawai very elaborate and intricate sequencing. You cannot copy a Song to another Song location within the Q You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The Velocity Modify function allows you to adjust the MIDI velocity amounts per bar, group of bars or entire Track or Motif, and Gate Time modify permits you to edit note durations more on this later. This site uses cookies. That’s a lot of memory. Kawai’s first venture into hardware sequencers is the Q80, a powerful and flexible sequencer with a good-sized memory plus a disk drive. A series of complete examples would have been extremely helpful in most sections kawaj the manual.

For example, the beat value might be set to 16th notes, where the Q80 will adjust notes to the nearest whole 16th.


Kawai Q-80 Sequencer buy one get one free!

If you’re not looking right now, keep it in mind. These MIDI control events are MIDI performance commands that affect the playing style of the music – adding or removing patch change commands as well as adding, removing or editing amounts of velocity, vibrato, sustain pedal, volume pedal, breath controller and so forth.

September 5, at January 21, at 3: Impressive as it may be, an instrument can never be everything to everybody, and there are certain things that need to be addressed here. The Step Back function allows you to return to the start point of the last note edited so that additional q880 can be added or removed, if necessary. Disk operations are straightforward as well. The beauty q8 that each track can be any length so no copying short sections out against other longer ones.

You are also able to transpose a bar, group of bars or entire Track or Motif, “Move” or shift the kwai of the notes for an entire Track forward or backward by any number of clocks resolution on the Q80 is 96 ppqn, giving clocks per barand quantise editing see Quantising described below. This can be a significant limitation depending on kaaai situation. Gate Time allows you to edit the note’s duration, so that a quarter note or any other note value will be exactly a quarter note in duration, or any other duration desired, expressed as a percentage of the Step Time.

If that isn’t enough, you can store approximatelynotes in up to songs on one floppy disk.