kawa-ultrarepair-manual – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or Kawasaki “JET SKI” watercraft are introduced by the Special Tool Manual. Here ya go Attached Files. File Type: pdf Kawasaki JET SKI Ultra pdf ( MB, views). Yamaha FZR Kawasaki STXF. Owner’s Manual – Page # Posted on 12 Sep, Model: Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra Pages: File size: 9 MB. Download Manual. Online Viewer.

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Carburetors see Fuel System chapter. To 2 Carburetor Check Valve 7. Apply a non-permanent locking agent to the threads.

Initial torque for temporal tightening MO: If the switch has an open or short, repair it or replace it with new one. Finish the application of the liquid gasket within 30 min- utes.

Before replacing a blown fuse, always check the amperage in amnual affected circuit. Torque – Crossmember Mounting Bolts: Construction and Operation The main component parts for the Kawasaki Smart Steer- ing system are the following.

The cylinders are made from aluminium alloy for excellent heat transmission. Crankshaft trouble, such as excessive play or runout, will multiply the stress caused by the intermittent force on the piston and will result in not only rapid crankshaft bearing wear, but also noise, power loss, vibration, and shortened engine life. If the watercraft is used at 1550 higher elevations, the lower atmospheric pressure makes the carburetions richer. To Front Check Valve 4. Specifications subject to change without notice, and may not apply to every country.

  3GPP TS 29002 PDF

Inlet Air Temperature Sensor Out off the end of the sensor from the holder. Technical Information-kawasaki Smart Steering System carburetor Type – the throttle is released completely – and the handlebars are held fully to the left or right.

To replace a rubber part, use a cement in the following table, or an equivalent. Kawasaki Bond Silicone Sealant: Special Tool – Coupling Holder [A]: Fill the hollow with the specified silicone grease SS: Wipe up any water left in the compartment.

OWNER’S MANUAL | Search for Owner’s Manual (Watercraft (Jet Ski))

Oil Pump Performance Test If the display function does not work, replace the meter assembly. The output signal is sent to the igniter, which determines the optimum igniter timing.

Charge for no more than five minutes at the increased voltage then check if the battery is drawing current. A film in which silicon carbide SiC is combined with nickel Ni. Fuel Tank Capacity 58 L To the oil level gauge. Page of Go. Engine Starter The more compact starter features a 1-way clutch with back-torque limiter to prevent starter damage caused by “kick-back” during starting.

Torque – Pump Outlet Mounting Bolts: Do not touch the spark plugs, ignition coils, or spark plug leads while the engine is running, or you could receive a severe electrical shock. The bilge system hoses may be simply pulled off their fittings.

However, a hand tester can not detect layer shorts and shorts resulting from insulation breakdown under high volt- age.


If the measured value exceeds the service limit, the crank- shaft should be either replaced or rebuilt.

2001 Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 150 — Owner’s Manual – Page #23

Filter Cleaning and Inspection Cooling and Bilge System Hoses Oil Pump Cable Adjustment Special Tools – Impeller Holder: To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Oil or grease seals should be pressed into place using a suitable driver, applying a force uniformly to the end of seal until the face of the seal is even with the end of the hole, unless instructed otherwise. Front for high altitude — Water Box Muffler 2. Bands Cut off the band as the cutting edge not facing up.

If the speedometer does not work, check the speed sen- sor electric source voltage and speed sensor. If the cylinder is damaged or badly worn, replace it with a new one. If the cable or cable housing is kinked or frayed, replace the cable.

kawasaki ultra service manual

Kxwasaki throttle lever must return fully when released. Wave Shape Circuit D. If any one of the clearance measurements exceeds the service limits, replace the reed with a new one.

This type of pump is often used on 2-stroke motorcycles.