A manual of instructions and suggestions on the art of cartooning, icluding animation. for use of beginners as well as advanced students. by psd-empire in Types. Dec 15, Presented complete for the first time in 67 years, here is “The Know-How of Cartooning” () by Disney animator and comic book artist Ken. A Manual of Instructions & Suggestions on the Art of Cartooning & Animation, ( ), by Disney Animator, Comic Book Artist & Director, Ken Hultgren.

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Kenneth Vernon Hultgren was a gifted draughtsman and notable Disney animator. In his relatively short career, he left behind a substantial body of work that continues to inspire and educate people.

the know-how of cartooning by Ken Hultgren

Hultgren was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in He studied at a local School of Art, before moving to California to pursue a career in animation.


Inone year after moving to California, he joined Disney Studios.

He was an animator on the short film Cartioning Symphony He then worked on the feature film Bambiwhich he also created model sheets and layouts. Hultgren showed he was very comfortable drawing animals from any angle.

InHultgren illustrated the Bambi comic adaptation, along o other stories based on the characters from the movie. He left Disney Studios in to animate and illustrate stories for other studios. He continued drawing Disney comics.

Ken Hultgren (1915 – 1968)

The accumulation of years of experience showed how to draw animals both realistically and as caricatures. Dividing the body into three parts, making it easier to understand, pose, and animate. The book has stayed in print for decades, for good reason, I highly recommend it.

This book is out of print and very difficult to come by, but thankfully Sherm Cohen has scanned every single page and put it online for all to catooning. Hultgren returned to Disney Studios in Back in the animators chair, he worked on the short Paul Bunyan and the feature Sleeping Beauty He also worked on animated TV series Mr.


MagooPopeyeand The Archie Show.

Hultgren died in at the age of Ken Hultgren left a great legacy behind him, much of you can find online. Related Posts Cory Loftis November 7, Natalie Nourigat October 1, Evon Freeman April 22, Shiyoon Kim July 27, Andrea Blasich February 17, Andreas Deja November 17, Get a recap of the month’s inspiration in your inbox.

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