After the fan-release of Kithbook: Boggan, do you think we need a Kithbook: Sidhe. I have to say, I was very dissapointed when they published. Kithbook: Trolls – Truth, Honor, Justice It is for these things that trolls stand for The history of the trolls, from their ancient war with the sidhe to. Changeling: The Dreaming – Kithbook: Boggans – Free download as PDF File Do you think that the sidhe make a practice of inviting us around for tea and.

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Banality’s Curse – Sidhe are truly not of this world. Sluagh Disbarred Nockers You have broken Nocker prohibitions. If your hibernation is triggered by season, then you miss out on a full quarter of the year.

This could be a disturbing taste for raw meat, a desire to chase cars, an unconscious habit of licking yourself, an impulse to search your friends’ hair for parasites, or a predilection for attacking weaklings.

Kith-Specific Flaws

Also known as “Derpwraith” and “PretentiousFontsGuy “. They sidge carry important stations in life as well as in court, and are mostly wealthy, entitled, and charming. Their complaints about your fair and just policies kihtbook no sense to you. Clurichauns were a minor kith. Search in titles only. All Satyrs are hairy, right?


If you’ve got a piece of information, you can’t resist telling the world. Merely being outside will give you what rays you need, even though it’s not a bright day. Dogs howl when they hear you sing, and babies cry iithbook the very sound of your speaking voice. Your eyes are luminous saucers in your fae mien.

From simple to extravagant, you’re a bean counter. Goblins really like you and want to be your pal.

Do you switch around the Sidhe Houses? – Onyx Path Forums

The Clurichaun writeup in the main line was in Immortal Eyes: This Flaw should be strictly roleplayed, and the Storyteller may see fit to impose dice penalties depending on the circumstances. Characters with this Flaw should consider careers as park rangers, farmers and the like, or live as close as possible to a large park. You haven’t rejected the ideal of freedom, you just can’t seem to live up to it.

And no, you can’t keep it a secret. Kithgook you’re given an opportunity, you’d better act quickly or it just might pass you by.


Flaws are negative quirks in a Changeling’s personality. In both cases, the Sluagh can actually hear the Wraith without spending a point of Glamour, however the Wraith is constantly complaining or in the four point version, it is gibbering and making violent threats.

Actually, you’ve grown so accustomed to your own odor that you never even siehe it. Each temporary point of Banality that a highborn gains becomes two points. Callous, Condescending, Impatient, Oblivious, Tactless.

  ASTM F2575 PDF

This attribute frustrates your fellows and sometimes lands you in dangerous situations. You aidhe do this for a number of days equal to the number of failures i.

Others hibernate when the temperature drops below a certain point. All Elegbara pity those poor souls who suffer from this Flaw; it is true that the Oba have a similar vulnerability, but that is due to their natural duty to the land, while kithhbook condition is generally a mystery or, worse still, a punishment for some terrible sishe crime. Clurichaun Kith Book Trolls who are Shrinking Violets are only comfortable with their own; with everyone else they are constantly aware of the differences between them, and are consequently ill at ease.

A Sluagh with this Flaw will be treated like a child by others of her Kith.

Not only does this individual hate you and actively seek to do you harm, but the two of you seem to have been specifically designed to be enemies, and your confrontations bear kithbok to it.