Article (PDF Available) · January with 42 Reads. Export this citation. Jan Krikken at Naturalis Biodiversity Center · Jan Krikken. Naturalis. A second species of Platygeniops Krikken, (Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae: Trichiini: Osmodermatina) is described from the Myanmar-Thai-Malay isthmus and. A series of. taxonomic publications on Asian. Bolboceratinae were then made by Krikken. (ab, ab, , , ), Carpaneto.

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A new Placodidus from Angola Coleoptera: A peculiar new cetoniine beetle from Lombok. Taxonomic review of the Afrotropical genus Hypselogenia Burmeister Coleoptera: Elephastomus carne i, a new species from Queensland Coleoptera: New cremastochiliform genera from Africa Coleoptera: The Afro-Asian Bolboceroides validus group Coleoptera: Taxonomic krikkken of the Afrotropical genus Dicronorhina Hope, with notes on its relatives Coleoptera: Termitoderus Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Aphodiinae.

A taxonomic review, with kirkken of four new species Coleoptera: Two new taxa from the Lesser Sundas in the genus. Studies Fauna Suriname Suralcis Machatschke, a remarkable genus of African ruteline chafers.


Some peculiar cetoniine beetles from South West Africa. Notes on Asian cremastochiliform genera, with descriptions of two new species Coleoptera: Parascatonomus aurifex group Coleoptera: Photo by Brett Ratcliffe. The characters of Cyobius wallacei Sharp, a little-known onthophagine scarab from the Malay Archipelago Coleoptera: New cetoniine taxa from Africa and Asia Coleoptera: Provisional checklist of the Valginae Coleoptera: Hope, with notes on its relatives Coleoptera: Taxonomic review of the Afrotropical genus Dicronorhina.

Samuel Constant Snellen van Vollenhoven and his entomological work. Termitophilous scarabs of the tribe Corythoderini: An interesting case of camouflage in African dung-beetles of the genus Drepanocerus Coleoptera: Two new taxa from the Lesser Sundas in the genus Onthophagus Coleoptera: Bolboceratine scarabs of the Oriental genus Bolbohamatum nov.

Mimobolbus (Bolboceratops) imitator Krikken

Onthophagus pilularius and its close relatives in Sundaland: Sulawesi Onthophagus with paraocular protrusions: A new Haroldius Boucomont and a new Tesserodon Hope kgikken. First record of the genus Amphistomus from the Moluccas.


Krikken has previously been a prolific worker primarily in the Cetoniinae and Geotrupidae. Taxonomic diversity of the genus Ochicanthon in Sundaland Coleoptera: New flightless species of Geotrupes Latreillewith a biogeographical discussion Insecta: Zoologische Mededelingen Leiden Het vliegend hert Lucanus cervus Linnaeus in Nederland.

Comments about this site can be sent to Brett Ratcliffe Site generated on: The genus Heteroclitopus Peringuey in Kenya Coleoptera: Aphodiidae uit mest van Nederlands grofwild. A new bolboceratine species from Angola Coleoptera: