La paradoja: Un relato sobre la verdadera esencia del liderazgo James C. Hunter . author James Hunter makes a ‘novel’ superficial with predictable and. author James Hunter makes a ‘novel’ superficial with predictable and caricatural del liderazgo no se trata del poder, sin embargo si de la autoridad construida. La paradoja: Un relato sobre la verdadera esencia del liderazgo . deberían enviar al infierno de los escritores a James C. Hunter por novelar este libro que de.

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They can freely choose when to leave. Sep 02, Borat Ny rated it really liked it. A liderazgo se pafadoja en identificar y satisfazer las necessidades: El amor es la lealtad, el amor es el trabajo en equipo, el amor respecta la dignidad y la individualidad. Yes, making positive choices as a leader is important however we also must recognize the frame that we have inherited in making those choices. Open Preview See a Problem? Why not a book essentially technical, involving the issue of leadership?

Aatish Rajeshirke rated it did not like it Dec 07, Fix field “sort by title”. My point is this.

La paradoja: Un relato sobre la verdadera esencia del liderazgo

Some of the best teams with the most enthusiasm or energy are that way because the leader instills that as a top priority and a filter – those who are not enthusiastic, will not be welcome to work here. The skill of getting people to willingly do your will because of your laradoja influence.


Still, there are lessons to be gleaned.

Skip this obnoxious cliffs note version. I could dfl wrong here but their sole purpose seems to be to prop up the ego. Thanks for telling us about the problem. This is just a sham of a novel telling you what you can learn without buying this novel. Overall, I found this book to be scripted and cliche’. The format is the most difficult aspect of the read.

The Servant: A Simple Story about the True Essence of Leadership

All this while internal documents clearly and directly link their product to cancer and heart diesease. Or Noel Burch for the four stages of competence.

Not surprising given its basis in evangelical thinking. Required as part of a well-meaning class. If you want to limit yourself to superficial, l for it if you canread the “book”. There are some good lessons in it, but honestly, they’re pretty common sense. See all 7 reviews. This book was written at the onset of what has become a common literary genre in leadership materials.


The Servant: A Simple Story about the True Essence of Leadership by James C. Hunter

A woman named Kim introduced herself ahead of me and started telling us about herself but I wasn’t listening. Otherwise, we simply perpetuate a half-baked understanding of the facts.

Occasionally you come across a book that hits exactly at what you were thinking. Where is their responsiblity? I kept thinking that the points made by students in the discussions sounde I read this book as required reading for a leadership program. If I had not been required to read the book, I probably would not have fel reading it. Hunter por novelar este libro que de otra forma hubiera sido bastante interesante.

Is that not wasting resources?

I loved this book because the author was not pretentious in any way. There are many poignant insights but none stands out as much as the insistence that our leadership paradigms should be based on the exercising of authority, not pxradoja. Unconsciously unskilled – don’t know the skill exists and are obviously unskilled.