La\Planete des Singes [Pierre Boulle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. La planete des singes [Pierre Boulle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Y a-t-il des êtres humains ailleurs que dans notre galaxie? C’ est la. La planete des singes [PIERRE BOULLE] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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August Learn how and when to remove this template message. The themes within it are certainly worth it. Mass Market Paperbackpages.

La Planète des singes

Boulle then about sixtywho answered such probing questions as “Why are Jinn and Phyllis not in the movie? He became the toast of the town, the hit at every party and the bouulle that everyone wanted to meet. The book seems to emphasize the theme of evolution, while the film focuses more on time travel. For tackling some really big ideas, it’s a surprisingly slim book – and perhaps that brevity contributed to rushed revelations or fast-and-loose “scientific” explanations and reasons that are simply not plausible.

Still, it reminded me that it’d been more than 30 years since I read slnges, so I went and dug it out. View all 5 comments. The major shock to them p,ante when they find that the APES are the ruling masters of this wonderful planet.! We, the “Lords of Creation,” seem to think that we can do anything and everything we want to do. Yet we consume resources like they’re going out of style, and pollute the earth like we have a spare, and just generally act like there’s a “Reset” button somewhere that we can just press when we’ve reached the point of no return.

The main events of the book are placed in a frame story, in which Jinn and Phyllisa couple out on a pleasure cruise in a spaceship, find a message in a bottle floating in space. It had apes flying spaceships with solar sails and it had some brain surgery body horror stuff in it. When they catch hold of it, they f This book is a total work of fiction but very unbelievable! Published by Pocket first published The Ape planet, called Soror Latin for sisterrevolves around the red Sun called Betelguese that is real.


Aspects of the book show up in the assorted movies but no theatrical version stays true to the intentions of the book which questions our ideas of intelligence and creativity It’s a quick and easy read and quite the ripping yarn. This is a short, enjoyable book. There is also some friction between the chimps, the orangutans and the gorillas, with each group believing theirs is the superior collection of beings.

I needed this intellectual exercise to escape from the despair that haunted pierree, to prove to myself that I was a man, I mean a man from Earth, a reasoning creature who made it a habit to discover a logical explanation for the apparently miraculous whims of nature, and not a beast hunted down by highly developed apes.

At the end of this time, they were startled to see a hunting party in the forest, consisting of gorillas, orangutans, and chimpanzees using guns and machines. I am coming to believe that the s were the zenith of science fiction and this is a good example. Cornelius and Zira, and the bkulle ape society, but there’s no “get your stinking paws off of me, you damned dirty ape”and no statue of liberty surprise ending Pierre Boulle was French, remember.

I haven’t studied him boukle to know one way or the other. I should interject here that I have not seen the remake; although I did see the recent “Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Leaving this upside down place is the goal of Ulysse,a nice place to visit but you wouldn’t want to live there!

To this planet come a journalist and a scientist. The core of the science fiction.


La Planète des singes by Pierre Boulle (3 star ratings)

Semplice, coinvolgente e sconvolgente. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. I read a lot of books but I have never been so absorbed in them.

Pierre Boulle 20 February — 30 January was a French novelist best known for two works, The Bridge over the River Kwai and Planet of the Apes that were both made into award-winning films.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The book came first. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Didn’t they have their own name for the planet? Overall, I really enjoyed the story and I was surprised by how many similarities it shared with the cinematic translation, from plot points to character names to social and political themes.

In a frame storya rich couple sailing alone in space, Jinn and Phyllis, rescue and translate a manuscript from a floating bottle. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Planet of the Apes (novel) – Wikipedia

PotA is an entertaining read but not extremely imaginative. It deserves its respected position in genre history.

You get odd hints through out that it is not a new book, it has Mid 20th century aspects, but despite this the SciFi is still good, as you would expect from the “Golden Age”. The apes smoke tobacco, photograph their hunting trophies, drink through straws and appear utterly civilized.

It does get a little boring at times and not that great, but, overall I liked it. I don’t want to reveal more, because it boullee spoil the fun for you.