Two-way Street by Lauren Barnholdt – there are two sides to every breakup. This is Jordan and Courtney, totally in love. Sure, they were an unlikely high. This is Jordan and Courtney, totally in love. Sure, they were an unlikely high school couple. But they clicked; it worked. They’re even going to the same college. Find out in this standalone companion to Lauren Barnholdt’s Two-way Street. Here are Peyton and Jace, meeting on vacation. Click! It’s awesome, it’s easy.

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: Two-way Street (): Lauren Barnholdt: Books

Well most of the time. Turns out, he’s got a secret or two that he’s not telling Courtney. He could care less, obviously. I loved seeing them pretend like they were okay, like they both weren’t hurting, like they both didn’t want to grab the other and kiss.

Two-Way Street : Lauren Barnholdt :

La-la-laProceed with laure caution of spoilers, although I truly don’t think you’ll be missing anything with this book. It wasn’t predictable at all and had me shocked, when I was done with this book and my sister saw how much I laughed she asked about it and I had to give it to her to read- keep in mind me and my sister aren’t that buddy buddy as we sit drinking coffee and sharing novels- and she also loved it! Get to Know Us. I know all the words cover to cover and have probably read it times.


She is left in the dark and is forced to move on from him. Every time she talked to him I wanted wsy yank my hair out of my head. Seems like Barnholdt just didn’t know how to end it right so she just settled for something rushed.

Two-way Street

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. It was silly things like that.

If you can think for yourself, knock yourself out. I wasn’t a fan of their friends, and Jordan wouldn’t be the kind of guy I’d be interested, but it helped to show how ‘normal’ was Courtney, who wasn’t having sex and drinking crazily.

No one is perfect, but Lloyd was so far from perfect that it was rediculous. Hmm okay while reading this, I totally imagined the whole time that it was me and my douche bag ex husband.

But still very much relatable. It was light and fast paced. I hope Jordan is uncomfortable.

And therefore very relatable. Lloyd, the friend Courtney had been lusting after since she was young, was a bizarre character. He wasn’t properly developed. Twp stunts your growth. She likes to know exactly what is going on with no grey areas. I got exactly two pages into this before I decided to DNF it and that’s about all you need to know.


But it could be better. Set up a giveaway. Then things get really awkward because they had this plan to drive together to Boston University because that’s where they are both going for college. Courtney was waaay better than Peyton from Right of Way though.

The whole way through, I felt so much love for him and I felt so bad for him too. Jordan and Courtney are not barnhold anymore and Courtney is not aware of the real reason Jordan broke up with her. But in a strange twist, Jordan cares. You and your ex just broke up for some unknown reason and you’re heartbroken.

Sometimes, they can be so angry about one thing, after a few lines, they bring up other irrelevant things and go back to the thing that upsets them. View all 3 comments. He first laursn When It Happens. He’s a decent guy; I know his type and I like him. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.