LAUSIAC HISTORY (PALLADIUS) A history of the desert Fathers, written about – by Palladius, Bishop of Helenepolis, who dedicated it to Lausus, the. Palladius: The Lausiac History (Ancient Christian Writers) [Robert T. Meyer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A monumental project which . THE LAUSIAC HISTORY OF PALLADIUS. He who would adequately portray the meaning and character of the Christian life of the century that followed the.

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Finally, stricken with fear, I left off on the third day, being unable to keep my mind free from distraction, but I descended to contemplation of the world, lest vanity should be imputed to me. To omit the passages would in some cases have spoiled the sense of a whole passage; besides, the book is intended for scholars, who have a right to know what the author said.

For some men are settled round the city, who live by their hands and are extremely ascetic. She persevered so long in the practice of hospitality that she possessed not even a span of land. For she is said to have died a virgin, but the spouse of the Word of Truth. And it was written on the tablet: Having spent a long while with him, I inquired how he felt on the subject of his sin of murder.

Among other instances he sent various predictions to the blessed emperor Theodosius, one concerning Maximus the tyrant, that he would conquer him and return from the Gauls; similarly also he gave him good news about the tyrant Eugenius.

Tell me therefore what are your thoughts.

Indeed, he was counted worthy of such a gift of power over demons that we fear these flies more than he gistory demons. Fifty years after his sister, now an old woman, having heard that he was alive seemed likely to go out of her mind if she could not see him. Flee, as far as is in your power, encounters with men whose presence confers no lausia and who beautify their skin in unseemly fashion, even if they be orthodoxnot to speak of heretics!


Now there are a number of these monasteries which have observed this rule, amounting to men. But as many as were struck by his hands fell into the lake. So I left him and went into the desert to my accustomed place, and told these things to the blessed fathers, who lajsiac two months went by boat and met him.

Hustory, in course of time grace drew him on, hsitory in the twenty-eighth year of his life he gave up the cycle of studies and gave himself up to Christ; and he had spent thirty-five years in the caves.

Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians vii. AGAIN, I knew a virgin in Jerusalem who wore sackcloth for six years and shut herself up histpry a cell, taking none of the things that bestow pleasure. It contains also memoirs of aged women and illustrious God-inspired matrons, who with masculine and perfect mind have successfully accomplished the struggles of virtuous aceticism, which may serve as a model and object of desire for those women who long to wear the crown of continence and chastity.

And having gone out and explored the desert I found a hyaena’s cave. Wherefore I do not escort them. For no one escaped her benevolence, neither East nor West nor North nor South. What do you want, monk?

The Lausiac History Of Palladius by Palladius Of Galatia

Was it not for Christ’s sake that he made himself a slave to minister to you? For she is mother both of me and you”for thus they call the spiritual women”and I pray to be found worthy of her hiwtory the day of judgment.

By Jesus, if you don’t go histoey I am going this very minute to tell Christ, and He will do you harm. Then he came also a second time to Jerusalem, having gone on his own feet and defrayed his own expenses. I sojourned in this Cellia nine years. Be sure of this, be sure of it, that I am in the sixtieth year of my life and except for the tips of my fingers neither my feet nor lahsiac face nor any one of my limbs have touched water, although I am a victim to various ailments and the doctors try to force me.

The character of the man stands out clearly in the History, He was sincere, simple-minded and not a little credulous.


She was not drawn from her purpose by desire for her son, nor did yearning after her only son separate her from love towards Christ. When the pitch was now bubbling and terribly hot, he gave her the choice: It grew big and became a vine large enough to give shade to the church. For only the God of all is untaught, since He is self-originate and has none other before Him.

And I rubbed the beast’s head on my flesh, as the cause of my temptation, but I was not bitten. And two left me having got their debt in full, with no accusation to make. I have described in a kind of summary only the main contests and achievements of the noble athletes and great mennot only illustrious men who have realized the best hishory of life, but also blessed and highborn women who have practised the highest life. They were four in number. And one said he was an Arian, the other an Historg, the third an Apollinarian; and he vanquished these in his wisdom by means of a few words.

Forasmuch then as they had the power for long periods, they built their work with stones faced four-square, and made their tomb there, and stored away much gold. For often even virtue becomes the cause of a fall, whenever it is not accomplished with upright intention. When he died, the 67 lintels and door-posts were removed, that his body might be carried out of the house, so great was the swelling.

The Lausiac History

Simon Stylites” Tennyson shows a just appreciation of this side of early monachism. And things being so, yet we could not keep up with him as he walked. Having watched for a visit from seven holy bishopseither arranged by God’s providence or being one of his own temptationsthe demon very nearly turned him from his purpose.