Posts about LiveCycle Data Services Tutorial written by devgirl. Flex Data Access category in Tour de Flex and locating a sample for the specific area of LCDS. 0. Share. Tutorials. Free Flex 4, Hibernate 3, and Spring 3 Integration Refcard. Videos Part 2 ยท Externalizing Service Configuration using BlazeDS and LCDS. In the last few months, I’ve seen an explosion in the number of Financial Services firms interested in building Real Time Trader Desktop.

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Add the code below to the generated change handler function as shown in the image f,ex. Think I can deploy my own app on this new technology? Server-side Configuration Steps 1. What do I need to do so that the read only properties are also serialized?

Simulate Flex clients in Java Documentation: Now when you select an item from the data grid, it will appear for editing in the form. In the code snippet tutoriap we are fpex passing the AsyncToken returned by createProduct function to createProductResultso that createProductResult object will dispatch result event when the service call is successful. We pass the newly created Product instance reference to product so that user can modify the values of newly created product from formSelectedProduct control.

The basic operations enable you to get all records getAllcreate a record createProductupdate a record updateProduct tutorixl, and delete a record deleteProduct. Just to note that the Swiz framework includes very nice support for dynamic ChannelSet creation. So all 3 views had the same behaviour, a complete refresh on every collectionChange event. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Hi Vineet, I could compile and execute this sample code without specifying -service option tutoral mxmlc sdk version 3.


Thanks to the author for this brilliant share. I recently had that same problem since I was trying to install BlazeDS on a remote server and every single tutorial on the internet I found was about installing it and running it locally.

Flex and Java

After copying the code, your Flash Builder design view should look as shown in the image below. You can Download turorial trial or a free developer version to get started from this URL http: RemoteObject from your Flex client. When you specify a price, save it to the database, and reload it, you are loading the FLOAT17 version of the data.

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But I get tutotial following fault: You can also arrange the controls in the order in which you want them to be displayed.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Of course, as a developer, you want more than just a simple display application.

Use the up and down buttons to re-arrange columns as shown in the image above Click on OK Save and run the application. All the sample destinations in LCDS 3 beta 3 have this property set.

This line of code will populate formSelectedProduct with details of the selected product in listProducts control. This web application has lots of destinations exposed as shown in the image above.

Externalizing Service Configuration using BlazeDS and LCDS | Christophe Coenraets

Add a result event handler to the fillResult CallResponder as shown in the image below. In this window, you can select the items which you want to be included in the form and UI control in which you want the property value to be displayed. There is likely something there that will save you a great deal of time, money and coding. Save and run your application. NET, Cold Fusion etc? Hi Sujit, I have followed the given steps to configure blazeds to WebApp fpex with that i have created tutirial RemotehandlerClass in my webApp and deployed it to tomcat6.


Selecting LiveCycle Data Services Web Application to use your own application server is slightly more complicated; the standalone option makes it easier to get started quickly. Flash Builder will also assign a UI control which it will use to display the property value as shown in the image below. Tjtorial you have any suggestions?

Externalizing Service Configuration using BlazeDS and LCDS

Now that I have worked with it for awhile, I realize there really is one main configuration file called services-config. In the code above, we are passing the reference of the selected Product instance in listProducts to the Product instance bound to formSelectedProduct.

They seem to be read-only values on Channel. They answer the question: Thanks for the solution. Of course, this only works if the file is access from the server.

Flash Builder 4 has an excellent feature which allows developers to configure columns. A kcds with options to configure the columns for the DataGrid will be launched as shown in the image below.

In this tutorial, we’ll share these steps to help you get started quickly and walk through building a simple application using a new technology that brings model-driven development to Flex developers.

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