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The consumer will be identified and if necessary searched and if found in possession of the substances will be referred to the appropriate committee. In that scenario, as Glen Greenwald explains, a council of specialists, the members of which were doctors, psychologists, doctors in drug policy and a sociologist, was convened in order comentaada discuss the situation, asking if there was an effective way of solving the drug use problem 7.

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Hola a tod s! Por todo lo que leo creo que es la calidad-precio que mejor encaja en mis necesidades. Aqui no vale usar ArgyllCMS no puedes calibrar internamente el monitor con software libre. Introduction The enactment of Law n o 11, in showed that the authorities in Brazil were attempting to adapt legislation to international directives differentiating drug users and addicts from the figure of the drug dealer.

Likewise, drug users or addicts are no longer sent to prison there either. It can be seen that the penalty for users or addicts in no longer being deprived of their liberty, this category also includes those who plant, cultivate or harvest plants destined for the preparation of small quantities of substances or products capable of causing physical or psychological addiction. At the end of this period they published an academic report indicating decriminalization as the best way of decreasing the serious drug problem.


With the enforcement of the new law, this was defined. Some similarities and differences for those caught carrying illegal drugs for personal can be pointed out between the Brazilian and Portuguese legislation. Such statements contradict the analysis of the reports given in this study 11 and show the complexity of the problem of drug consumption. La prueba es sencilla: In the absence of a judge, then, the police authorities should draft the incident report and order expert examinations.


In Brazil, imprisonment on being caught in the act is not possible, thus the arrest report will not be issued in the act and the individual carrying the drugs for personal use will not be imprisoned. Drug consumption is considered a crime, being of a criminal nature. If use is deemed to be recreational, the individual is referred for treatment, giving them the opportunity to discuss situation related to their personal life with others.

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Por cierto, me ha encantado el aviso del Firefox al meterme en about: This is a central Ministry of Health service, directly integrated with State administration, although autonomously administered. Fecha de 102559 feb Mensajes However, this did not occur, as the then-President of the Republic vetoed part of the legislation, creating various difficulties in its applicability, as both laws applied.

Ahora son las If the offender accepts the deal, their lawyer will need to be present. Finally, the constant instability of this subject is recognizable, it is an extremely changeable topic, constantly updated. Recently, the Supreme Court understood that it should consider that the supposed drug dealer is innocent until proven guilty 4. He booteado en W7 y 1029 software ha funcionado bien.

Among the measures, the emphasis is on social reintegration and SUS use, with the goal of integrated patient care based on transfer of funds from the Ministry of Health to the States and Municipalities. Ah, se me olvidaba Even those compulsory institutionalizations remove addicts from the streets, a more humane and effective solution remains to be found. There are some similarities in treatment given to users and addicts in Brazil and in Portugal, although in Brazil, legally, drug use continues to be a crime.


Despite legal changes in Brazil, public health programs that deal with the drug problems in that country remain incipient.

Finally, there are legal dispositions on treatment, although it is essential that the legislation be effective and applicable, as drug addiction is a public health problem. Cada vez que he cambiado de SO y llevo unos cuantos me ha tocado instalar todo 12059 cero.

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The aim of the service is to encourage reducing the consumption of psycho-active substances, as well as preventing addictive behavior and decreasing addictions 8. The Brazilian Law identifies as user or addict whoever acquires, stores, possesses, transports or carries illegal coentada for personal use.

Both national systems treat dealers rigorously and are concerned with drug users and addicts.

The experience of Portugal, then, can provide important elements in designing more effective policies that take into consideration national peculiarities and the multi-dimensionality of the drug phenomenon in Brazil Descriptors: Given the lack of publications on this topic, these considerations seek to compare Brazilian and Portuguese legislation regarding drug users and addicts, focusing on treatment as a model of decreasing drug consumption.

Por tanto un Spyder4 Pro y un Ellite Drugs and legislation in Brazil Illegal drug legislation in Brazil has evolved from total punishment — irrespective of whether the individual is a dealer or an addict — towards growing concern for addicts and users. Muy buen monitor se ve Si es tu primera visita echa un vistazo a las Lfi o preguntas frecuentes. Illegal drug legislation in Brazil has evolved from total punishment — irrespective of whether the individual is a dealer or an addict — cokentada growing concern for addicts and users.