How to Scan Using the Lexmark X & X Series All-In-One You can scan and then print photos, text documents, magazine articles, newspapers, and . May 31, James, Thank you for your response. I did how ever get my scanning to work but not without a lot of trial and tribulation. I had an old WinXP. VueScan is an application that replaces the software that came with your scanner . VueScan is compatible with the Lexmark Xdn on Windows x86, Windows.

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From the list scann applications, press the arrow buttons until the application that you want appears. When the user does not provide a shortcut name, changes made will be discarded and the shortcut will not be saved.

Click the Modify button after changing values, or click on the Delete Entry button to delete the shortcut.

Enter the UNC path to the shared folder; e. From the Photo Printing section of the main screen, click Scan.

Go to the myTouch screen of your printer and find the security code. The set up process will instruct you on how to find the code on your particular model. Complex scan jobs Large scan jobs Congested or heavy network traffic Heavy device use. When you are using the Scan mode, the default setting is Color. From the Finder desktop, double-click the printer folder. Open the top cover, and then load an original document facedown on the scanner glass.


Host names are case sensitive in Unix environments.

How to Scan to PDF With a Lexmark | It Still Works

To Select the shortcut from the operator panel: Do not remove the memory device until the menu indicates that the file has been saved. She has been working as a Web producer sincelexmar, for Oracle and Applied Materials.

The scanned image is sent to the photo-editing application that you selected. This is an ideal way to navigate to these settings if you have no desire to obtain your printer’s IP address.

Your organization or company may have implemented Group Policies that prevent you from successfully sharing a folder.

If you clicked on Settings, you can now click on Configure your printer. Find the value next to Computer name. Increase the wait timeout in the event of scan failures do to any of the following circumstances:. How to get to these settings via ” Printer Home”.

The preview only works when scanning via the glass. If you require additional assistance, please see Contact information. Click All Programs or Programsand then select the printer program folder from the list.


What is the Computer name? If you choose to send the scanned image to a memory card or flash drive: Your email address will be your user name. Otherwise, this value can be any value to identify this computer. Lexmaark unable to share a folder on your computer please contact your network administrator, IT help desk, or person responsible for setting up your xcan. Enter Guest or UserName and Password. Ender cmdand then click on Run or OK.

How to Scan to PDF With a Lexmark

This server hosts the shared folder that stores your scanned images. Do one of the following: Canceling scan jobs Using the printer control panel To cancel a scan job started in the printer control panel, press.

Did lemxark document help solve your problem? Did this document help solve your problem?

Close the top cover to avoid dark edges on the scanned image. Click on the Computer Name tab.

Reduce printing costs Reduce file size Reduce printing cost Save resources. The easiest way to understand this concept is to imagine that the printer is hosting its own web site.