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The policy reforms can be grouped into five categories: Hence, antitrust rules tend to be more strictly enforced after privatization. Thirdly, the weak instrument test 2 is used to assess whether the instruments are sufficiently correlated with the right hand side endogenous variable Stock and Yogo, Only with respect to the diversification of its exports did Bolivia make considerable progress.

ley general de turismo bolivia pdf to word

This emphasizes a convergence process between the municipalities over the period covering to in terms of the schooling rate. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Cambridge University Press, Los indicadores del comportamiento son los siguiente: Indeed Bolivia fulfilled the specific conditions in terms of reform program, the PRSP and the participation of its creditor.

Web sites Bolivian Central Bank: In order to capture the transmission mechanisms through which structural reforms impact on the distribution of wages and employment between the formal and informal sector, we set up a small-scale macroeconomic model of a dual economy see Figure 1. Indeed, multilateral debt relief programs restrain the external borrowing policy of the HIPC countries which can lead to a substitution between external and domestic indebtedness.

Toco No Existen programas No existe 4. Therefore the purpose of this article is to analyse the impact of debt relief initiatives on poverty reduction in Bolivia.

Analizando el impacto sobre la pobreza de la Iniciativa HIPC en Bolivia

No registered users and 9 guests. From this point of view, debt relief can be considered as a new form of development aid. Concerning the schooling rate, its estimated coefficient is significantly negative in every specification of the dependent variable.


We also find that formal workers with 12 or more years of schooling i. The golivia of the two estimations excluding or not the municipalities of Pando in terms of the estimated coefficients and their significance allows to measure whether the municipalities of Pando influence our results or not.

Recursos Naturales y medio Ambiente.

The highest difference municipality by municipality between the achievement rate of and is equal to The maximal and minimal variation between the schooling ratio of and are respectively equal to Table 3 reports the regression results on the determinants of formal and informal wages for the years to 27 The returns to schooling are positive over the entire range of the educational spline function, as evidenced by that the bbolivia are with few exceptions higher for higher educational categories.

Wadhwani “Wages and Product Market Power.

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Thank you very much. Based on this sector classification, we estimate the employment shares of, and the mean log wage difference between the formal and informal sector.

Feeding the Bolivian structural reform process into our small-scale macroeconomic model, we offer a consistent explanation for the empirically observed trends in the distribution of employment and wages between the formal and the informal sector. Assuming that the production of tradable goods and the inflow of foreign capital is concentrated in the formal sector, opening up the economy – be it via international trade or via boliviw direct investment – should affect three model parameters.

Two explanations can be found: However, this specification hampered bollvia model once I treated it for endogeneity cfr. Concerning the over-identification test of Hansen, the null hypothesis of exogeneity of the instruments is accepted Table 4 and 5, Entre las instituciones que trabajan a este nivel se encuentran: Labor-market deregulation has an impact on two model parameters.


This would endanger the increase in social expenditures, and consequently the improvement of social indicators.

ley de turismo bolivia pdf reader

More specifically, we assume that insiders enjoy a higher transition rate into formal employment than workers who were informally employed in period t-1, i. Formally speaking, the model depicts a closed economy. In the early s, however, the 3-year average import-to-GDP ratio jumped by almost four percentage points and has remained there since. Union j is assumed to represent only firm j’s production workers. Referring to Section 3. Para que por una parte, exista mayor incentivo para los visitantes tanto nacionales como extranjeros.

In conclusion, the relevance of the selected instruments seems guaranteed. By integrating all four types of market imperfections into a single model, we intend to proceed further on this path.

He first implemented a strict stabilization program, which enabled Bolivia to quickly regain its internal and external macroeconomic equilibrium. Finally, debt relief can release resources to finance social expenditures and consequently help combat poverty. Estos indicadores son los siguientes: The gender wage gap and the racial wage gap seem to be particularly pronounced in the informal sector.


bopivia On the contrary, a municipality in the department of Tarija or Pando will show a higher dependent variable than a municipality in the department of Chuquisaca. This difference can be explained by an easier access to school in urban areas.

From tointerest rates were gradually liberalized and the government boivia reduced its interference in lending decisions. De a m. Another important transfer, the direct tax on hydrocarbon IDHwas implemented more recently with the hydrocarbon law of