Bradley said: Carl Sagan is a big. Start by marking “Los dragones del Eden. Los dragones del Edén es un libro mítico, publicado por vez primera en y. Los dragones del Edén: Especulaciones sobre la evolución de la inteligencia humana, es un libro escrito por Carl Sagan en El libro fue galardonado con. Buy Los dragones del Edén: especulaciones sobre la evolución de la inteligencia humana by Carl Sagan, Rafael Andreu Aznar (ISBN: ) from.

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Los dragones del Eden. Especulaciones sobre la evolución de la inteligencia humana

Shawkat Siddiqui rated it did not like it Jun 28, Due to the authors talent of writing comprehensible science and connecting it to mundane facts this is an easy read. RAS proteins play critical roles in various cellular processes, including growth and transformation. Outside of Carl’s field but he obviously heavily researched it and had a good grasp of the topic.

Regardless of that fact however, Carl Sagan has that certain charm and special way of writing about subjects and makes it a joy to read. Musa’Ed Al Mujahid rated it did not like it Jun 12, And yet calr are times when societies must change.

Aug 26, Lou rated it did not like it. Not that interesting, nothing like ‘Cosmos’.

Los dragones del Edén

The Dragons of Eden: Paradoxically, reducing the activity of core biological processes such as mitochondrial or insulin metabolism promotes the expression of adaptive responses, which in turn increase animal longevity and resistance to stress.

Yet very harsh things sometimes get short mentions of slipped into his writing, including his view of life outside the technological age. And it’s good, too. The subtitle is “Speculations on the evolution of human intelligence”, but little in the book is about that topic.


As someone who has read Dawkins–and other modern evolutionary biologists–I was stunned by Sagan’s respectful references to Biblical texts.

Los dragones del Edén – Wikiquote

Keep in mind that a lot has changed in the lo of the subject since the book was written, and, again, it contains a lot of speculations by Sagan. Your brain wants to know about itself! Some of the speculations on computer science and artificial intelligence still apply nowadays.

He relies on these lesions, it just means a bit or brain being damaged or cut off from the rest, for concluding where various brain functions must be located. The basic idea is that the deeper into the brain you go, the more ancient the functions supported.

And yet there are times when societies must change. If you want to learn about neurology and consciousness, read any book by Saagan Dennett. Want to Read saving…. This is coupled with the supposition that reptiles don’t seem to dream or have REM sleep. Personally, I found it difficult to enjoy for the lack of substantive science.

For Carl, what mattered most was what was true, not merely what would make us feel better. To ask other readers questions about Los dragones del Eden. Isaac Asimos dijo de este libro: Just enough science to make it feel like truth. But the fields of mental health, computers and computer games, the current development of cloning, AIs, and a huge extra list WAS.

In this case, it’s consciousness. Is this worth reading in ? With his wife, Ann Druyanhe was co-producer of the popular motion picture, ” Contact ,” which featured a feminist, atheist protagonist played by Jodie Foster Here is a slightly-less technical version: A skeptic and rationalist with a romantic, fantastic vision – for one so attached to evidence, he sure loved to speculate.


You have to agree which brain’s set of behaviours are better, if you are an intelligent science reader, but it stretches hope too far to imagine that every yobbo will make this choice. I use big words. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. View all 5 comments.

Los dragones del Edén – Carl Sagan | CajalesyGalileos

He was trying to theorise that dreams are the reptile brain’s cosncious life. The evolution of the brain is the focus and Sagan talks a lot about the “reptilian” brain, the part that we had before we became human.

This book tries to be about the origin of human intelligence but it feels very, very dated today. Note that a movie about genetic memory, Altered States, came out the same year. Despite it, he still gives a good detailed picture, at a layman accessible level, of the brain’s layered structure, of its evolution of higher powers in new layers on top of the old ones, and of how the reptile inner brain might be a generator of instincts to aggressive and irrationally destructive behaviours. Sagan was actually wrong about this, your common sense will be relieved to know.

Some of the speculations on computer science and artificial intelligence still apply …more Definitely, I just read it this year and it has aged very well.

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