Lukács, in his central text of History and Class Consciousness, and its central essay “Reification and the Consciousness of the Proletariat,” in particular, points . This book reads Georg Lukács’s History and Class Consciousness through the drafts of his unfinished philosophy of art (the so-called “Heidelberg Aesthetics”). Keywords: Lukács; Heidegger; Authenticity; Reification; Ontology. 1. Lukács on reification and Marxian alienation. Engels invented classical Marxism in Ludwig.

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Lukacs’ theory of reification and contemporary social movements – Andrew Feenberg

But for this the question of class would have to begin with the machine. Therefore, in modern society meaning can only be found within the inner life of the individual and cannot become recognized in the world But this implies that the principle of rational mechanisation and calculability must embrace every aspect of life. That is at the core of the radical quality of this approach, which links the critique of individual phenomena with the question of the system as a whole.

However, the conceptualization of practice from the standpoint of aesthetics obscures its historical dimension. They diverge not only in place and time, but also logically. Later, when war broke out, he served as a political commissar in the Hungarian Red Army in this position, he also ordered the execution of several soldiers, see Kadarkay Axel Honneth 1 has pointed out that it is folly to simply dispense with the great 19 th century idea of socialism.

But in the minds of people in bourgeois society they constitute the pure, authentic, unadulterated forms of capital. But the paradox dissolves when we realise that it arises only because the same situation has been regarded from two different points of view: Luchterhand cited as GW. In other words, while both art and science overcome the superstition of magic, only art can retain the mimetic dimension of representation. It would be a fascinating task to work out the links between this process and the development of the great rationalist systems.


Four reasons may serve towards an explanation: The proletarian situation does not necessarily entail an immediate consciousness of the totality.

A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy. As the commodity becomes universally dominant, reirication situation changes radically and qualitatively. Just as the capitalist system continuously produces and reproduces itself economically on higher and higher reifjcation, the structure of reification progressively sinks more deeply, more fatefully and more definitively into the consciousness of man.

The critique of capitalism, as the critique of a system of naturally capitalist commodity production is replaced by a critique of pathological states of emergency, which claims luakcs these aberrations can be compensated for, or in part eradicated, by a democratization of the family, a moralization of the economy, and of course a democratized public sphere.

This has its foundation already in the nature of speculative calculation, i. Hypostatization refers to an effect of reification which results from supposing that whatever can be named, or conceived abstractly, must actually exist, an ontological and epistemological fallacy.

Only by understanding this can we obtain a clear insight into the ideological problems of capitalism and its downfall. Thus even the individual object which man confronts directly, either as producer or consumer, is distorted in its objectivity by its commodity character.

Guido Speckmann, for example, is not altogether wrong when he writes in a review of Honneth: In such situations, the formal element of drama and tragedy, which involves the paradoxical relation between highly universalized form and highly individualized content, mirrors the paradoxical relation between form and life that individuals experience in their own relation to society.


For Hegel, as for a number of other major figures in modern thought, romanticism has the value of a transcended moment.

They assume the form of commodities inasmuch as they are exchangeables, i. By choosing one of the potential results of the employment of their natural and technological capacities as the correct one, individuals can create a distinction between successful and unsuccessful execution of their intended actions in labor.

It is at the same time the product of the capitalist division of labour. Sources are listed by original publication date. Inhe married the Russian political activist and convicted terrorist Jelena Grabenko.

Reification (Marxism) – Wikipedia

It plays a propaedeutic role in the development of a rational outlook on the world that is not merely philistine and complacent but critical and rich in inwardness.

At such times we can see how the immediate continuity between two partial systems is disrupted and their independence from and adventitious connection with each other is suddenly forced into the consciousness of everyone.

To put it pointedly: This understanding of institutions entails that politics, as a form of action directed towards the social totality as a whole, must treat this totality, on the one hand, as being dependent on natural and biological facts that limit its potential transformations and, on the other hand, as increasingly being determined by laws of its own GW The cycle of the capital-value he is identified with is not interrupted.

This gives birth, in the shape of a philosophy of law to an impoverished and formalistic re-edition of natural law Stammler. Kiernan, Ralph Miliband Cambridge, Massachusetts: