The channel VLZ4 brings the proven From every input to every output, the VLZ4 is .. professional or semi-pro instrument, effect or CD player. Apparently everyone did not find the excellent instruction in French for this good food: Shop for the Mackie VLZ PRO Compact Mixer and receive free shipping on your order and the guaranteed lowest price.

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Join the discussion in the Studio-Central Topic dedicated to the Mackie Possibility of multi-track recording. Equipped with six second-generation XDR2 mic preamps and a world-wide multi-voltage power supply, the versatile VLZ3 is equally at home on the road, on the stage, or in the studio. I have not had the opportunity to try other consoles too equivalents, made from a Soundcraft and Behringer.

Mackie 1402 VLZ Pro Audio Mixer 1402VLZPRO

The VLZ Pro is quality. In the studio, mixers like the VLZ Pro also do double duty as audio patch bays, allowing you to keep sources such as microphones, VCRs, DVD players, MP3 players and the like all attached to a central place with feeds to your recorders so that you can select the proper sources with the quick slide of a fader, twist of a knob, or the punch of a button.

One failed component in a compact mixer often spells disaster, and lets face it, its no fun having a mixer where a pot doesn’t work or a send is intermittent. There is no doubt that the Mackie mixers are more expensive than the competition. So for a fader mafkie a broken knob is a little mission to Mc Mac,ie or be very equipped. I quickly ruled out digital mixers. Audio Signal Flow for Videographers. The tape tracks were so hissy I had to dramatically tweak the eq going in–process each track heavily in the digital domain in Logic then come back out to the Mackie to submix and master.


In this segment, we The Fundamentals of Audio Editing for Video.

Bill Davis writes, shoots, edits, and does voiceover work for a variety of corporate and industrial clients. Very good EQ and mic preamp. Combine sound effects with motion graphics for greater impact. It’s probably not the Mackie’s fault, but all the cables swimming below, and to be perfectly fair, its not bad enough to make me crawl under there to fix the cable paths.

There’s enough stuff to tweak and set, and when I want to record, I want to plug and go and not mess with any cursors or menus. This is one reason why, despite the extra cash, Mackies remain cost-effective.

All user reviews for the Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro

Want to discuss this article? They are high quality preamps–yes! The answer is always ‘not sure’ so far. Docextra notices and other pros here are saying dj long.

Just a few times I wanted to zoom in on a frequency and couldn’t scratch the itch. Yet, here’s my observations where the didn’t exceed my expectations. This ability makes this mixer worthy of the great. Something I could put right next to my computer, that had 4 stereo pairs for the 8 Delta outs, and had inputs left over for mics, guitar, a channel to route synths from my main board and a few extras for stuff I wanted to connect to sample, or record, direct to the computer without entering the treacherous sea of cables behind my main mixer.

I am now a believer. Every control has the “rock solid” feel that shows that the designers spent time thinking about a lot more than simply where to put the holes for the necessary knobs.

I do not remember too much of the manual, but there is nothing wrong about the explanation of Mackie via their website, the Service or manuals. Buy th tt understood occasions. I plugged the leads from my old 4 track into the new Mackie and started tracking.


Happy to say there is nothing that seriously bothers me about this unit. So i did it with Logic’s software parametrics and used the Mackie EQ to touch that up.

EQ pots by the super efficient. No major innovations otherwise. In my opinion jai not finished discovering the good. mcakie

I was firewall for a moment, without dception, want to change, problem of sav, or whatever, volutivit. I ;ro advice that table but I would take one with more tracks in the future.

I can connect anything I want to the Mackie, such as guitars, my old ms20, my Korg Electribe, my DAT and can get the signal very quickly to the audio interface where the sources can be recorded as tracks in my audio applications on my computer.

Mackie VLZ Pro Audio Mixer Review – Videomaker

Sr although we can not ask for a quality of pramps or effects or other console th! I guess the hype led me to 4102 I’d be RFI free, but it looks like I still have to take the same meticulous cabling precautions as with any other mixer, which to me is a pain.

There’s ample power for any of these mics, and a convenient switch to turn Phantom power on and off on the back panel. Briefly, the trs solid, reliable, and some “hot sound” of pramps, I think.

Alas, one can’t have everything. Some tiny tweaks on the EQs and pans and the mix was solid, locked, and making a powerful statement. I’m glad I bit the bullet and paid more. Write a user review.