In past articles when discussing training, I’ve referenced and linked to a very popular 5×5 training program often referred to as the MadCow 5×5. Madcows 5X5 Hypertrophy Template Day 1: 5 sets of 5 for squats, bench press, and barbell rows (ramping up sets for those unaware. Actually the progression for madcows 5×5 is % compounded weekly starting week 5 and the progression for 5/3/1 is 10lb for squat/deadlift.

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Nothing is set in stone. But because you are now an intermediate lifter moving bigger weights, the program introduces 3 modifications to optimize recovery from the increasingly stressful workouts recovery is vital for strength gains … No more 5 sets of 5 with the same weight.

Madcow 5×5: Workout for Intermediate Lifters

I’m sure this kind of thing already exists unofficially, as seen in people’s Madcows logs when they include maadcow and tricep extensions and the likebut I’m not sure if anything has been madcpw beyond this.

But I got bored of that routine and I madvow much reached plateau. There is no need to max out on these or aim for continuous progression like you do on the main lifts. The standard cycle can last anywhere from weeks. In the 4th week, you will get a new 5 repetition maximum. James Deadlifts lb today. ALso pull ups everytime I press with two movements.

I started at lbs bodyweight and I am currently at lbs. Have you noticed that less and less of the better lifters on this board are responding to your threads, and whne they do it is largely to rage? This is a major drawback of the program in my opinion.


If you can recover in between sets with 1 minute, rest for 1 minute. After that, it makes sense to move on to a more advanced intermediate program.

I’d add some hammy work tbh. I have used the excel sheet and plugged in all my maxes. Good things come to an end because there will be a point where progressing will be slower. Howmany reps should you do in every set of assistance Exercise? I wouldn’t consider myself stupid really.

Bill Starr (MadCow) 5×5 Intermediate Routine – JCD Fitness

I figure there might be many people looking for this, or if not, well here it is anyways. Take a look at what I mean below:. Newbs will make better progress maccow a workout to workout linear approach.

This is new and exciting Although I’ve never even read through the original, will look up on it later. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Been on it for 9 weeks and all my lifts have gone up, great strength gains. Directly from the site:. I also remember puking madcoa the end of my workouts while my coach yelled at us to stop being madclw bunch of sissies! Hey i have a doubt….

Madcow wrote an extensive guide to his program that I personally believe is one of the best online resources for proper training knowledge out there.

The Complete Guide To Madcow 5×5 Workout Routine

If so, just round to the closest KG. I remember getting to a lbs squat only with this routine!


Also, I wouldn’t consider my lifts “horrible”. Come on, you should be way more advanced than me. Yeah, I give up. But even so, I am not repeating something that did not work. Way to encourage everyone to fuck with the program, kid. Overall, the main issue, in terms of specificity, maecow the predominance of the barbell row.

OP, madcows 5×5 is inappropriate for your numbers. Some people might argue that 2.

Attached Files Madcow’s 5×5 Training. Maybe even some GHR once a week Martins idea of 3x as breakdown sets madow also fairly solid, perharps not every session but 1 or 2 to increase leg volumme. Just a feedback on this program. His gains the 2nd round…. This program is very easy to understand. That deadlift of lbs is huge!

As always, I like to provide context for the programs that Macdow discuss. Originally Posted by trexmoad Do you have 1kg plates at all? Overwhelmed By All The Information? But I will when I’m done with it. I understand that it will work for lifts like mine. Over time, volume must increase to continue to produce adaptation. You just add weight once per week and the additional weight serves as the adaptive madcoww. Starting Strength Powerlifting Programs V: Originally Posted by dtaps