Maerua angolensis DC. [family CAPPARACEAE]. Herbarium. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (K). Collection. Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa. Resource Type. Maerua angolensis is widely distributed in continental tropical Africa but is absent in some countries with a high rainfall. It is also present in the. Abubakar, M.S., Musa, A.M., Ahmed, A. & Hussaini, I.M., The perception and practice of traditional medicine in the treatment of cancers and inflammations .

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Citation in angolfnsis searches. JPG x – 12k – jpg www. It is easily cultivated from seed and fruits are easily collected in the wild. Retrieved from ” https: Sildenafil was obtained from Pfizer Inc.

Interaction with the GABAergic and nitricoxidergic systems may not be an exhaustive list of the mechanism s for the anticonvulsant activity registered; hence, separation of active compounds and the specific activity and mechanisms thereof should be pursued in future research.

Angolrnsis angolensis Maerua angolensis 60 x 80 – 2k – thb www. Additionally, agents that enhance the downstream activity of NO, by preventing the breakdown of mearua, can enhance the proconvulsant effects of suboptimal levels of NO [ 28 ].

All experiments were conducted in triplicate. The superoxide anion scavenging activity was measured as described by Robak and Gryglewski [ 13 ]. There are book citations related to Maerua angolensis DC. Sabonet, Pretoria and Gaborone Page An appreciable number of current antiepileptic agents modulate receptor or enhance the response of this receptor to the gamma amino butyric acid GABA.

Instar larvae sometimes defoliate a tree completely. JPG x – 10k – jpg www. In PTZ-induced seizures, NO levels are elevated and hence NOs inhibitors have been found to suppress seizure parameters including latency to convulsions [ 22629 ]. PTZ blocks GABA-mediated Cl — influx through an angolenss interaction in the Cl — channel, thus leading to induction of convulsions in animals [ 2324 ].


Flora of Zimbabwe: Species information: individual images: Maerua angolensis

In Senegal powdered leaves are added to food to cure anorexia and asthenia. The LPO level was estimated in brain tissue supernatant in terms of malondialdehyde MDA which was determined as per the methods of Heath and Packer [ 15 ].

The characteristic peaks and corresponding absorbances can be used as a unique reference for future comparison of complex mixtures that have not yet been characterized.

Further studies suggested that the bark is non-toxic in anti-inflammatory doses, supporting ethnomedical use of maeruw plant in managing inflammation. The roots and stem bark decoction of the angolensid bark of Maerua angolensis DC.

Nitric oxide NO plays a role in the anticonvulsant effects of some antiseizure drugs. Journal of Ethnopharmacology See Terms of Use for details. Maerua angolensis is widely spread in savannahs with a preference for sandy soils, from sea level up to m altitude.

Maerua angolensis Images

Since a downstream effect of nitric oxide is the production of cGMP via Guanylate cyclase [ 31 ], an increase in the cGMP levels further potentiates nitric oxide-mediated effects.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Views Read Edit View history. Dose-responses curves are constructed using iterative curve fitting with the following nonlinear regression three-parameter logistic equation: A aangolensis decoction is drunk as a cure for rheumatism. Tested concentrations of MAE and ascorbic acid showed an appreciable reduction in the formation of thiobarbituric acid-reactive species from the yolk substrate Figure 5 c.


Maerua angolensis

In Tanzania it was used to build canoes. Estimation of Antilipid Peroxidation A modified thiobarbituric acid-reactive species TBARS assay angolenssis by Dasgupta and De [ 14 ] was used to measure the lipid peroxide formed using egg-yolk homogenates as lipid-rich media.

Maeeua fragrant, pincushion-like flowers are without petals and are produced in abundance at the beginning of the rainy season. Conserving biodiversity in East African forests: People consume the leaves mainly in times of food shortages as the leaves are rather bitter.

The present study demonstrates that the lipophilic fraction of the stem bark extract significantly reduces pentylenetetrazole-induced seizure outcomes due to interaction with the receptor and nitricoxidergic system. Maerua angolensis is a 10m tall, occasionally deciduous tree of the Agolensis or caper family, often growing on termitaria and in thickets fringing seasonal watercourses, angloensis to m.

Young branches with conspicuous pale lenticels. Indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded. The species is variable as regards pubescence, ranging from entirely glabrous to pubescent on stems and leaves. As with most species in the family the twigs and branches display prominent lenticels.

It is based on the ability of the enzyme source to break mzerua H 2 O 2. However, the current evidence identified in our research gives some credence to the plants use in the management of epilepsy. Retrieved from ” https: