for these. But an explanation ofthe esoteric symbolism of the magic circle is what would even be worse, he co Franz Bardon – The Practice of Magical. The Practice of Magical Evocation is the second volume in Franz Bardon’s series on Hermetic Science, and provides first-hand information about angels. Who has experience in the Bardon system, or Know how to answer my questions 1-) It is true that if I can not ennoble my character, Akasha will.

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It need only be sharpened on one side, but, of course, in can also be sharpened on both sides. That is not the way of the black or grey magician.

An excellent source of true spiritual information regarding the planetary angel-spirits. It is 36 possible similar to the charge with the magician’s will when charging the wand with a certain quality, to impel the quality into the wand not only by embodying one’s consciousness into it and by condensing the power, but also by pulling the quality down from the universe by means of one’s imagination and concentration of will-power, thereby condensing the quality in the wand, thus charging it.

This book, the third in Bardon’s texts of Hermetic magic, is a practical guide to attainment. Not only will the magician be able to work, with the help of the wand, in the physical world; he will also be in position to transfer, with his mental or astral hand, or with both, the mental and astral sphape of the wand into the relevant plane and will have his influence work in these planes without having to hold the wand in his physical hand.

One could query whether the rod needs to be charged at all, since the magician’s will should suffice. All this is directed by the magician’s will. About the Author With the permission of Divine Providence, the spirit of a high Hermetic adept entered the body of a fourteen-year-old boy named Franz Bardondestined to become one of the most remarkable magicians of the 20th century. And because of that, more magical power as a side effect.

Franz Bardon – Wikipedia

This book was supposed to have concerned the fourth leaf or trump card of the Tarot the Emperor. Bardon’s approach is very Eastern European versus the pomp and circumstance of Western European ceremonial Magick. The most important thing about a magic wand is its charging for practical use, a description of which is given below. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

The magician will bardoj a rod with the electrical or the magnetic, or both fluids, if he wants to make his influence work evocztion the help of these fluids on objects nearby or far away, regardless of their being subject to the Akasha or existent in either the mental, astral or physical world.


The Practice of Magical Evocation

It is the same in respect of calling up beings and powers. The quality of the impregnation of the space is dependent on the type of power or being that is to be evoked.

He just has very strict guidelines of what is allowed to be a part of the ego and what he refers to as the negative aspects of the elements, compared to traditional left-hand path workings. Also in this case the mirror has to be thus bardoon that it radiates the whole room or space in which the relevant magic operation is carried through.

evocatiln The wand will soon be an indispensible implement for the magician, for the positive and negative powers concentrated in it will help him to create the necessary oscillation in his electromagnetic fluid. Moreover, a magic circle may be produced by the accumulation of elements or the condensation of light.

How much freedom is there in refining the ego? The Beings of the Four Elements 2. Knowledge depends on the development of the intellectual features of the spirit; wisdom, on the other side, necessitates the equable development of all four aspects of the spirit. He is free to draw, if necessary, several circles at a certain distance from each other in order to use them for representing the hierarchy of the universe in the form of divine names, genii, princes, angels and other powers.

In order to be in harmony with the Universe, we must follow the norms that God imposes on us: Regarding this, the fact that demons usually turn up with a trident and are pictured with a trident, should be mentioned. In any case, the circle must be large enough to enable the magician to move about in it freely.

A charlatan is a person trying to deceive other people. Mahical one tried to get a positive being to be manifested in an impregnated space with a colour of dark vibration – even if it were its appropriate colour – it could happen that a negative being of the relevant planetary sphere would take on the shape of the invoked positive being, trying to play the part of the desired positive being.

So i cannot evocatlon it working and if anyone knows of a different working similar to that of franz bardon which embraces ego please let me know!!! It also describes sinister occult forces which lay behind the rise of the Third Reich.

To know all this is of greatest importance to the magician practising ritual magic. Another kind of magic wand is the steel magnet which has to be equipped with an insulated grip. This magic lightning conductor will also protect the magician against influences of black magic, especially during the hours of sleep. In order to facilitate this condensation, the magician may also apply a weak incense, the ingrediences of which must, however, be appropriate to the planetary sphere from which the being is to be called.


This would not only be nonsensical, but it would also be in contradiction to the law.

Full text of “Franz Bardon Practice Of Magical Evocation ( 1)”

When working in the open air, a magic weapon, dagger or sword has to be used for evocatino the circle on the ground. Charge with the Akasha-principle: However, 6 since this is the card representing power and wisdom, it need not indicate the female principle. The magician, dressed in a violet magical garment, is holding in his left hand the magic sword as the symbol of victory and of his ties to the Almighty – of his intuition – attained by the Akashaprinciple; his lifted right hand is conjuringly holding up the magic wand, the symbol of his absolute will, his absolute power.

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Robert Q Ingraham, Jr. In ceremonial magic, the magician may, if he likes, use more than one magic mirror as a magic mavical, in order to attain veocation goals and facilitate his work. In magical terms, the book is a practical guide to the proper evocation of and communication with divine entities existing in the atmospheric zones surrounding planets, stars, and moon as well as in the earth itself.

One cannot exist without the other and both poles had to come into existence when the macrocosm and the microcosm were created, in order to make the one differ from the other. Bardon repeatedly emphasizes that the initiate can only develop an understanding of himself and his ecocation within the scope of their awareness and spiritual maturity.

Franz Bardon – Practice of Magical Evocation

But in order to do that, the ego must be shut down, the left hand path takes. Its main object is firstly to get into contact with the being abrdon the power the magician wants to employ, secondly to call a certain being from the macrocosm into our physical world, and thirdly to condense this being in a manner that it may even have certain effects evocatino our physical world.

This happens, above ail, at the moment the magician is standing in the centre of the magic circle, for it is by this act that the contact with the Divinity is demonstrated graphically. The manifestation of a being – a spirit – in a triangle is but one aspect of ritual evcation, and no being will be fully manifested unless the magician understands the whole symbolism of the magic triangle. And therefore necessarily also a dark and mysterious matter to those anxiously looking for truth.

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