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Driving Operating fault The system may suffer temporary interference in certain weather conditions rain, hail Monitoring Indicator and warning lamps Visual indicators informing the driver that a Associated warnings Certain warning lamps may come on in system is in operation, switched off or has a The switching on of certain warning lamps may one of two modes: If a door or the boot is not properly The automatic folding and unfolding Holding the button allows the closed, locking does not take place.

Driving Reactivation Operating fault Maintenance Press this button again. Monitoring Display zones Personalisation of the type 2 instrument panel Choosing the display mode instrument panel, by choosing: Passenger Airbag Off Safety Deactivating the passenger’s airbag The warning label present on both sides of Never install a rearward-facing child the passenger’s sun visor repeats this advice.

Safety Advice on child seats Children at the front The incorrect installation of a child seat in a As a safety precaution, do not leave: Checks Fuel Capacity of the tank: For the replacement of this type of lamp, Faster flashing of a direction indicator Remove the two screws to remove the unit.

To fold the 3 row seats with mankal roller Fold the first two concertina boards. Locking the front and rear Unlocking the front and rear passenger doors passenger doors Open the doors. Comfort Examples of seat configurations 7 seats Maximum loadspace 4 seats For easy modification of your interior vehicle space, citfoen the rear seats can be individually folded: Visibility Switching off the lighting Operation of the rear foglamps is In good or rainy weather, by both day when switching off the ignition inhibited with the tailgate open.

Secondary page Frequency Enter the desired radio frequency.

2009 Citroën C4 Picasso – Manual do proprietário (in Portuguese) (337 pages)

Setting the thresholds for The collision risk alert system can be activated or deactivated by the driver. Directional Lighting Visibility Directional lighting Operating fault on, this system allows the light beams to better If a fault occurs, this warning lamp flashes follow the road. Alarm Access Alarm System which protects and provides a deterrent against theft and break-ins. Select the waypoint that you want to move in the order.


Citroën C4 Picasso – Owner’s Manual – PDF ( Pages)

Familiarisation Interior Panoramic sunroof 7-inch touch screen tablet This glazed roof increases the light in the It provides access to the heating and air passenger compartment.

The control is located on the edge of each rear door. Driving Operating fault In the event of a fault, you are The operation of the radar, located in alerted by the display of the Service the front bumper, may be disturbed by warning lamp, accompanied by a accumulations of grime dust, mud It also deactivates the manual central Press this button. Driving Active cruise control Principles of operation This systems allows, in addition to maintaining your vehicle’s speed at a value that you have defined, the inter-vehicle time you have Using a radar with a range of about metres, selected between your vehicle the the one The active cruise control operates by located at the front of the vehicle, this system ahead to be maintained 2 seconds by default, During parking and exit from At the end of the manoeuvre, the operating Select reverse, release the steering wheel parking manoeuvres, the reversing indicator lamp goes out in the instrument panel, and start moving without exceeding 5 mph Rotate the control A to slide the roof blind At the end of its travel, when the blind to the desired position positions 1 to 4.

They illuminate These tables, fitted to the backs of the front the surface of the tables without disturbing the seats, incorporate a cup-holder recess A and a other passengers.

Manual Adjustment Visibility Manual adjustment of headlamps To avoid causing a nuisance to other road users, the headlamps should be adjusted according to the load in the vehicle.

Driving Displays Once the system has been activated and the speed conditions are met, a symbol is displayed in the instrument panel. Page 30 Monitoring “Driving assistance” menu The functions with settings that can be adjusted are detailed in the table below.

The display of these alerts is not sequential.

Visibility Special position of the windscreen wipers Operating fault If a fault occurs with the automatic rain sensitive wipers, the wipers will operate in intermittent mode. Manyal capacities in litres Engine with filter replacement Take care when working under the bonnet, as certain areas of the engine may be extremely hot risk of burns and the cooling fan could start at any time even with the ignition off.


Driving Steering mounted control paddles Displays in the instrument panel Moving off With your foot on the brake pedal, select position P or Pciasso. Select “Adjust time ” or ” Adjust date” and Press “Confirm ” to quit. Steering Wheel Adjustment, Child Surveillance Mirror Comfort Steering wheel adjustment Child surveillance mirror When stationary, pull the control lever to release the adjustment mechanism.

Technical data Dimensions in mm These dimensions have been measured on a vehicle that is not loaded. Monitoring Operation indicator lamps If one of the following indicator lamps comes on in the instrument panel, this confirms that the corresponding system has come into operation.

If the vehicle is locked or deadlocked To activate or deactivate this function activated from the outside, the button is not by default Remove the three lamp fixing screws A. Visibility Manual guide-me-home lighting Side markers for the vehicle by illumination of The temporary illumination of the dipped beam the sidelamps on the traffic side only.

The lighting stalk is pushed down. Change the multimedia source. Page Safety Under-inflation alert Reinitialisation This is given ;icasso fixed illumination of A label reminds you of the need to reinitialise In the event of a puncture, use the this warning lamp, accompanied by the system every time one or more tyre temporary puncture repair kit or the spare an cltroen signal and, depending on citrpen is adjusted, and after changing one or First adjust the volume of your portable device to a high level.

Navigation Addresses Add contact Secondary page Contacts Page 12 Familiarisation Interior Bonnet release lever.

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Delivery options see all. Driving Emergency braking Deactivating automatic operation The emergency braking should only be used in an exceptional situation. Raised console with picassoo storage, low console or removable console. Comfort Stowing behind the 3 row seats Ensure that the 3 row seats are folded.

Courtesy lamp and map reading lamps.